Does Gwyneth Paltrow’s £22k Mansion Has Wellness Spa? Know Full Story!!

After six years of designing and working on the California property, the 49-year-old Goop founder is showing the results of her hard work. The mum-of-two describes her breathtaking Montecito mansion as “a Paris apartment set within an old European barn with high ceilings and lots of lights which feels eclectic yet manageable at the same time”. The happy couple (Goop founders and Brad Falchuk) bought the home in 2017 for $5 million but rebuilt the space “from the ground up” – something the Oscar winner describes as “a long and arduous journey.”


Gwyneth was visiting the Santa Barbara area with her family in 2015 when she saw a teardown on the real estate listing site Redfin, which she called her “favorite pornography app.” “The strength of the house is in the light and the subtleties of the space,” the actress explains in the feature. “We spent a lot of time assessing family patterns, how we actually live, and what makes us most comfortable. The focus was on the experience, the feeling.”

The star’s exquisite abode features a gorgeous kitchen, a “show-stopping” living room, and a very impressive bathroom area. Gwyneth’s own spa includes a shower system, hot tub, and plunge pool for more than $30,000 (about £22,000), which the Shakespeare in Love star argues is essential for “good circulation”.


The star’s personal touches run throughout the home, and the interior design alludes to her time in London with Gwyneth’s ex-husband, Coldplay singer Chris Martin. “I seem to have spent so much time in Europe as an ex-pat, and I really fell in love with Georgian proportions and details like that, I really wanted the entryway to feel like its own special room,” the Goop guru explained while showing the hallway.


“And so with the architects, we envisioned having a fireplace, which is something you see a lot in an entryway in Europe, and it gives a really warm and nice feeling of welcome when you come in.” Elsewhere in the single-story home, a mix of classic and contemporary features fills the “furniture obsessed” star’s property—including a stunning indoor hammock. If Gwyneth is looking to score some points with eco-friendly home fans, she’ll be sure to mention that the entire property is solar-powered and features an eco-friendly gray-water system.


In an interview, Gwyneth also explained why she loves an open-plan kitchen so she can cook and chat with her children, Apple Martin, 17, and Moses Martin, 15, from her first marriage to her former musician. “My son’s favorite recipe I make is turkey meatballs or turkey ragout,” confesses the star while talking about all things culinary. She further said, “And my daughter loves it when I cook; they’re pasta lovers. I think her favorite is either this lemon parmesan pasta I make or spicy marinara. It’s so easy.” The kitchen may be very important to cookbook author Gwyneth, but it’s not her most favorite spot in the gorgeous home.

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