Hailey ‘Didn’t Want Baby’ With Justin Bieber, Says Insider; Model Waited To Ensure ‘Stability’ First

Before having a child in their marital world, Hailey and Justin Bieber reportedly embarked on a journey that went far beyond just preparing for a baby playroom. The Rhode founder, prioritising both their well-being, is believed to have waited until Justin’s mental health struggles were under control.

The couple waited for about six years before deciding to start a family after getting married in 2018. Hailey is expecting, and the couple appears ecstatic, dispelling all the rumours and conspiracy theories that had previously surrounded their idyllic life. However, a source claims that the battle was difficult.

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Hailey ‘delayed’ having a baby

According to an industry insider, the couple’s early marriage and dissimilar personalities led to some turbulence in their middle years of marriage.

“He’s a lot clingier, while she’s always been more emotionally mature and able to see things more clearly,” spoke to OK! magazine.

This rocky period sparked divorce rumours and increased media scrutiny, with cameras following their every move. “It was hard. Divorce seemed to be their only way out.”

‘Stability First’

The UK magazine is told by the source that Hailey postponed because she was unable to deal with the Baby singer’s mental health problems. The model placed a high value on family planning and wanted to ensure that she had “stability first.” The pop star chose to prioritise her career over having children, even though she had always wanted children when they first started dating.

‘Fought through hard times’

The past few months have been difficult for the couple due to the couple’s sombre appearance outside of a church, Hailey’s father’s request for prayers, and the rapidly escalating divorce rumours. Their journey hit a rough patch when the pop star was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, which resulted in the cancellation of his music tours. The journey started amid controversy, with fans hoping for Justin to reunite with Selena. Following a period of quiet, the couple announced their pregnancy in full and reaffirmed their marriage vows, marking a significant turning point in their relationship.

“He stopped pushing her and making her feel guilty, and that’s when things turned around,” the insider continued before adding, “They sought the advice of their pastor and got some much-needed therapy.”

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