Hair Care Tips That Can Prove To Be Game Changers For You- Checkout!

Hello people! Here are some great hair care tips that you wish you knew earlier:

Tip 1: All of us are in a habit of washing our hair with shampoo twice or thrice after applying oil. Now, the tip here is to just put the shampoo once, massage it well on your scalp and let it sit for a minute or two. This will automatically get you rid of all the dirt, oil, and unwanted residue. Follow this tip and you will find that your hair health will get better over some time and your hair will remain moisturized. This tip can prove to be a lifesaver for people with oily scalp or those who like to oil their hair now and then. You can use wide ranges of Allurium Beauty care products for best hair growth.

Tip 2: This tip is for all of us. One day or the other we have important work to attend in the morning and we run away from the idea of shampooing our hair right at the hit of the day. So, if your hair is feeling a little greasy, try dry shampooing at nighttime. This way the dry shampoo will have all night to absorb all the oil and you will get up with fresh hair. Also, make sure that you shampoo your hair the next day so that there is no residue on your scalp. This will ensure you healthy hair and a healthy scalp.


Tip 3: The third tip is about Hair Brushes. A lot of time we just clean the excess fallen hair from the brush and consider it clean. We don’t realize that we are combing the hair from our scalp and it does collect oil from the scalp which when kept like that will attract dust on it and again we go on our scalp with that same dirty brush making sure we have a lot of residue on our scalp which is not the best for our scalp. So, deep clean your hairbrushes a minimum of once a fortnight.

Tip 4: Now, this tip is going to be life-changing. You need to change the position of your Hair Ties and Clips to reduce breakage of your hair. A lot of time, we just change the partition as we know for a fact that the same partition for a very long time can lead to balding from those particular areas. But we do not realize that tying our hair or clipping up our hair at the same place will also lead to breakage because we are putting up a lot of tension at that particular spot. So, switch things up and save your hair!

Tip 5: This last tip will surely take some time in showing results, but it will be completely worth it. Protect your hair against heat. Not just from heating tools but also from environmental heat like the sun. We apply SPF on our skin but what do we do for our hair!? So, just apply a little bit of heat protector after washing your hair and this will surely give you good results in the long run.


Try these tips and feel the difference!!

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