Hairstyle Ideas That You Need For Your Big Wedding Day

A wedding hairstyle is one of the most important aspects of a bride’s look alongside makeup. Modern brides are getting discerning by the day when it comes to their bridal look for each wedding ceremony. There are so many varieties and options for the Indian bridal hairstyles that one may get confused. And that is exactly why we have come up with some of the handpicked Indian bridal hairstyles that will help you to create a heavenly bridal look in Indian style. Indian bridal hairstyles that you’ll love to try for your big day!

For all the brides to be, choosing a suitable hairstyle may become a tedious task but here we have some pretty Indian bridal hairstyles to complete your look and make you a picture perfect bride! From picking a hairstyle that’ll suit your face cut to finding out everything about the Indian bridal hairstyles, we’ve got everything for you.

1. Half-Up Half-Down:

Medium length hair gives you plenty of options for styling but you might not be able to do the intricate up do’s that many brides seek. A great compromise is a simple and timeless half-up hairstyle. This style is perfect because you easily wear a veil or traditional accessories.

2. Loose Waves:

Sometimes the simpler the hairstyle – the better. Especially when you have an intricate dress, veil or accessories. A left down hairstyle with loose waves and accessories is a wedding hairstyle that you make you feel beautiful all day long. If you want to spice up the look a little then add a subtle braid or twist.

3. A Traditional Indian Braid:

A thick long braid, decorated with flower garlands, pearls or chic golden accessories is considered to be a traditional hairstyle variety for the Indian style wedding. The braid is tight, neat and thick. Indian hairstyles commonly feature a middle part that is adorned with Maang Tikka (Indian ethnic accessory). This hairstyle will look great with round face, oval and triangle.

4. Buns can be fun!

This gorgeous up do is a large bun twisted around and gathered clean and tightly at the back of the head. Roll up your hair at the back and make a stylish bun. This is another great hairstyle to decorate with beads; flowers, jewels or you could use a simple clip or one flower to for a simple and elegant look and to make it more eye-catching!

5. Voluminous Long Hairstyle:

India is a country of romance, flowers and gorgeous feminine beauty. These are also main messages of bridal looks and hairdos in Indian style. A trendy and at the same time simple hairstyle solution we want to acquaint you with is the long down do with added volume. Curls only for the ends of long locks are another trend of modern wedding hairstyles. ventListener

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