Happy Pride!!! 5 LGBTQ Movies To Catch Up During This Pride Month

Pride month is here and the world is very excited about it. Many top celebrities and LGBTQ activist, from all over the world have shown their love and support towards the community on social media. Though, after such a long history of the battle to get acceptance, there is still a lot of stigmas that revolve around the community.

Well, love is love. Throughout history, we have witnessed different kinds of LGBTQ representation in the form of literature, art, and dialogues. But there is something about cinema that delivers the most emotional and real foundation of the community. There are many films across the world that have touched the audience’s heart with their storytelling. Let’s check out some of the LGBTQ movies that you really need to add to your watchlist ASAP.

1. Margarita With A Straw

Everything about this film is criminally underrated, from performances to the screenplay to direction. One of the best of Kalki Kochaleen’s career, Margarita With A Straw is a story about an Indian teenager who suffers from cerebral palsy who decides to study in New York. The plot revolves around her desires as a physically challenged person, during the span of her life exploration she meets a blind girl with whom she gets romantically involved.

2. Love, Simon

Based on the bestseller ‘Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens’, ‘Love Simon’ is a coming-of-age film specially made for the representation of the young of this community. The film feels like a love letter which will make you smile, might tear you up too but never disappoints.

3. Portrait of A Lady On Fire

French cinema’s finest, ‘Portrait Of A Lady On Fire’ is a historical drama that captures the most intimate and melancholic romance between two souls. A painter who is on a visit to draw a wedding portrait discovers an instant connection with her muse. The film is about a love affair between two young women who find comfort in each other in the loneliest time.

4. Call Me By Your Name

Perfection will be an understatement for this piece of art. Adapted by the novel by the same name, the film portrays the love between two people of the same gender without being too loud about the complexity and stereotype. A young man called ‘Oliver’ falls in love with his host’s teenage son Elio in 1980s Italy. The film was rated R due to some of the explicit content but this is one movie you don’t want to miss if cinematography and visual score matters to you as an audience.

5. Fire(1996)

A film way ahead of its time, Deepa Mehta’s directorial explores the most controversial part of ‘lesbian love’ at the time when it was considered a big No-No in our country. Two young married women Sita and Radha form a passionate and intimate relationship with each other when their husband chooses adultery and celibacy over them. The storytelling is bold, intimidating and acknowledges the most toxic issues of our misogynistic society.

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