‘Haq Banta Hai’ Says Palak Tiwari On Nepotism, Read To Know What Else She Said!!

The daughter of well-known TV actress Shweta Tiwari and ‘Bijli-Bijli’ girl Palak Tiwari is a famous face of the industry today. Palak made a splash with her first video song and now she is working hard to establish her feet in Bollywood. Palak is soon going to debut in the acting world with the film ‘Rosie – The Saffron Chapter’. In the meantime, she expressed her opinion about the nepotism war that has been going on for years in the film world and along with it she also shared many things related to her mother.

Palak Tiwari

Talking about nepotism, Palak said in an interview to Bollywood Bubble, “I believe outsiders are marginalized and in a sense it is true, maybe sometimes they are overlooked. But you know. It has as much damage as I would say about belonging to someone who created it.”

On being compared to her mother Shweta Tiwari, Palak continued, “I know, no matter what I do, people will always think that my mother is better and this is something I have never denied in my life because she is better. I am a part of her. I am a very small part of her. So it will take me a long time to grow where she is. But my mother has been in my life from a young age. She had to struggle a lot.”

Palak Tiwari

She also said, “One thing I want to keep, people may or may not accept it. People, who have worked a lot like my mother, who (Shweta Tiwari) was nothing and she did her job. Got everything on her own. Will it be right, if she doesn’t give anything to her daughter? All her hard work will be in vain. Your parents do this (hard work) so that they can make their children more comfortable to give life.”

On parents supporting their children, Palak said, “You think you are embarrassing the child, but you are embarrassing the parents. They have worked so hard. They have the right to give a little to their children. Provide. You can’t take it away from them.”

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