‘Har Baar Bakwas Hi Karta Hai’: Netizens Trolled KRK Over Dragging CarryMinati In His Tweet!

Film critic Kamaal Rashid Khan is back with a controversial tweet. The self-proclaimed critic has been busy building negativity around Pathaan of late. He has been claiming that the Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone film will be a box-office disaster because of its name. Amidst all this, KRK diverted his attention. He compared himself to CarryMinati.

CarryMinati’s real name is Ajey Nagar. He is a YouTube creator known for his roasting videos as well as live streams. He created a stir with his videos on TikTok. But they were later banned by YouTube for violating its terms of service such as harassment and bullying. He made the ‘Yalgaar’ music video in response to all this. He has since produced singles like  Vardaan and Me, Boss & Lockdown.


KRK tried to defend his way of criticizing Bollywood movies in his tweet. He tweeted, “CarryMinati is a content creator for @YouTube @YouTubeIndia coz he does abuse full on in his videos. Those critics are also content creators for them who do abuse in their reviews. But #KRK is not content creator for them. I don’t know what’s in my name, Ki Sabki Itni Jalti hai.”

Netizens trolled KRK for dragging CarryMinati. They started commenting fiercely. One user commented, “cause tu har baar bakwas hi karta hai nd jab muh kholta hai tatti hi nikalta hai tere muh se.. bakio ka aisa seen nahi hai. baki jitne content creator hai genuine bhi rehte hai kabhi kabhi but tera seen alag hai, tu khali nafrat nikalta hai, kabhi ache ko acha bol diya kar.”