Has “Bigg Boss” Become More Of A Match-making Show Than A Reality Show? Find Out!

The blowing of winds of love is common in the “Bigg Boss” house. Flowers of love are seen blooming between the contestants in every season of this reality show. “Bigg Boss” has also given many amazing pairs to the entertainment industry, who have won the hearts of fans by getting married after coming out of the show. But, some contestants in the show have also started resorting to false love stories to move ahead in the game.”

“Big Boss” became a couple of shows?

Now, let’s take the 16th season of “Bigg Boss.” This time, the show is completely divided into two parts, i.e., singles and mingles. All the singles in the “Bigg Boss” house are seen in one corner, and the couples are in the other corner. Looking at the show, it seems that this reality show is less and the couple show has become more. Some stars started finding partners for themselves instead of playing the game as they came on the show, “Bigg Boss.”

In the very first week of the show, Gautam fell in love with Soundarya. On the one hand, Gautam professes his love for Soundarya, and then he is also seen doing evil to her to his friends. In such a situation, the audience is unable to understand what Gautam wants after all. The love-hate relationship between Gautam and Soundarya is now finding the audience boring. Regarding this, Karan Johar, who came to host the episode of “Weekend Ka Vaar” last week instead of Salman Khan, also told Gautam and Soundarya that their relationship seems fake.

Seeing the relationship between Gautam and Soundarya, it sometimes seems that they are forcibly creating a love angle to move ahead in the game because there is neither romance nor a feeling of love in their relationship.

Shalin and Tina are also falling in love!

On the other hand, Shalin and Tina’s love angle has also started. Seeing Shalin’s behaviour, it seems that he has started to fall in love with Tina. Shalin also believes that Tina also likes him, but she does not say anything. Instead of focusing on the game, they are seen trying to define their relationship with each other as love.

At present, there are so many love angles going on in the “Bigg Boss” house that it seems that it has become less of a reality show and more of a match-making show. Notably, the viewers of this show are not able to connect with seeing these love angles. They want to see the show’s contestants play a strong game, but many of the contestants are seen focusing solely on creating their love story.

Now, the love angle going on in “Bigg Boss” is true, or if the contestants have any game plan to move ahead in the game, it will be known only in the coming episodes.