Have You Ever Been Mistaken To Be A Flirt If You Have friendly nature?

If you are a caring or friendly girl, then sorry this world will judge you as a flirt. Because in this world if you are friendly then it is out of legacy of friendship and more to the legacy of flirt. People just can’t digest friendly personality. Most of the people have faced this in some way or the other because it is easy for someone to misunderstand you being flirty.

Have you ever been just nice to someone and they have mistaken you to be a flirt? Well, this is very common because majority of people can’t differentiate between being friendly or flirty.  If you got a DM from a boy and replied him within few seconds, then it is considered that you are interested in him. Because according to them, girls are full of attitude and if she is replying on time then there is something more than friendship.

So, in order to mend this pathetic mindset, here are some clear signs spelled out by woman which tells she is actually flirting:


If she tells she is single and is interested in knowing your relationship status

No girl is interested in knowing your relationship status unless and until she is interested in you. Depending upon the situation, if she is keeps on asking you regarding your relationship status and keeps on probing you to ask her about her relationship status, then it is a clear sign that she is flirting with you or is interested in you.

She is having sexual or naughty conversation

Woman don’t like to have a sexual conversation with man unless she is quite comfortable or interested in him. If she looks you with a glint in her eyes then yes, she is flirting. However, here you need to be a good observer and should not jump into any conclusion too early.

She is quite touchy

Here some people mistook her that she is crossing a line. There is nothing such this way. Sometimes, when girls are really interested in you then she might keep physical contact while talking complementing it with laugh or giggles. What you need to do here is just let it go with the flow and rest would happen organically. Don’t judge her on this behaviour as she is really into you.

Every single detail matters

Usually, girls are interested in every single detail only when she is interested in you. If she is asking you about in-depth questions regarding your life and is over-enthusiastic to hear the answers, then yes she is flirting with you depending upon the context of situation. Generally, girls are barely interested in knowing every single small detail.

She is having strong eye contact with you

Eye contact is very basic thing from which you can judge that she is just being friendly or there is something more than that. There is a difference between flirty and friendly eye contact. If it is friendly eye contact, then it is more of a nod or just a glance while if it is flirty one then, it is prolonged eye contact or her emphasis is on every single word you are saying or a sudden change in her body language. If they are conscious for their way of dressing or hairstyling or any other small details of her in front of you, then it is a clear sign that she is flirting.



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