Having Trouble Remembering Simplest Of Things? Is It Possible That It’s Digital Dementia?

Do you know that goldfish have a better attention span than us? Yes, that’s true. Goldfish has an attention span of 8 seconds whereas we humans have only 7 seconds”.  

Today, we live in a world where technology and smartphones are the most essential part of our lives. We can go hours without socializing but not without checking social media on our smartphones. From news to entertainment, everything is just one touch away. 


Your phone probably is the first thing you check in the morning and the last thing you check before sleep. So first, you check emails, and then the Twitter notification rings; after that, you see a message from a friend, so you check Facebook. Next, there comes a notification from Instagram. The cycle keeps going on and on without even realizing that you have spent hours scrolling in your mobile phones. 

Do you remember the phone number of your parents or the capital of America? (by the way, it is Washington, D.C). If you have to google it or check your phone’s contact list, you might be a little too dependent on your phone. But did you know being overly reliant on smartphones can lead you to something called Digital Dementia? Let’s find out.

What is Digital Dementia? 

The term Digital Dementia was first coined by German neuroscientist Manfred Spitzer in his 2012 book of the same name. The term was used to describe how the overuse of digital technology is resulting in depleted cognitive abilities.

 Our brain is divided into two halves (called hemispheres). While the left side of our brain is responsible for rational thinking and fact-finding skills, the right side is intuitive, creative, and emotional. Unfortunately, as we keep relying on google for everything, we don’t really utilize the right side of our brain the way we should. This causes deficits in the ability to concentrate, short attention and memory spans, and emotional disturbances. 

Signs and symptoms of Digital Dementia

The Signs and Symptoms of Digital Dementia include slouchy posture, anger, depression, anxiety, developmental delays, short-term memory loss, social isolation, lack of movement, balance disorders, and uncoordinated movement patterns.

How do we deal with it?

If we want to prevent digital Dementia, we need to move away from our natural reflex of picking our phone for everything and start using our brain. Below listed are few things which you may find helpful. 

1.Use Your Head

 Rather than turning to google automatically, when you don’t recall something, just sit there and concentrate till you remember it. 

2.Learn something new

Maybe learn a new language. When we try to learn something new, we tend to go out of our comfort zone. Hence, working hard makes your brain bright. 

3.Crack Open a Book

Read an actual book, feel the paper on your fingers like we used to in school. It will improve your memory retention.

4.Play a new instrument

 Playing any instrument like a piano or a guitar requires both sides of the brain to strengthen and balance it.

5.Improve your posture

While using smartphones, keep it at your eye level but don’t keep it too close to your eyes. While using a laptop, don’t sit in a compromising position. Sit with your back straight. Though it is a Laptop, don’t put it on your lap. 


Using social media and having a higher screen time is neither negative nor positive if you are at peace with your mind. Technology is a part of our society; there is no getting around it. But how you decide to engage with technology can change your life.

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