‘He Has Gone…’: Shafaq Naaz Talks About Brother Sheezan Khan’s Condition After His Jail Release!

TV actor Sheezan Khan has faced a tough phase in life after his co-star and former girlfriend Tunisha Sharma committed suicide and he got accused for her abetting the same. But the actor stood the test of time and came out of his jail custody after almost 70 days. These two months were no less than a punishment for his mother and sisters as well who were leaving no stone unturned to get him out of the prison.

When Sheezan got bail and came out of jail, his sisters and mother came to receive him and they were in tears on seeing Sheezan after a long time. Recently, the actor’s sister Shafaq Naaz who is a well-known actress on television has shared her feelings on the release of her brother.

Shafaq Naaz spoke on brother’s release

Shafaq who grabbed limelight as Kunti of ‘Mahabharat’ said that after Sheen’s arrest, her family’s life had become hell. She stated, “We have waited a lot. Now, we can touch him, hug him, it means a lot to us. When we used to visit him in jail, we could only see him through the glass window and talk through an intercom. At that moment I just wanted to bring him home.”

Shafaq Naaz shares how was Sheezan’s condition

Shafaq told that their life came to a standstill on 24 December- the day when Tunisha took her life and Sheezan went in custody. She quoted, “I think the world has moved on, but we haven’t. Sheezan has gone through the worst phase. I don’t think he even got time to process things because everything happened in such a flash. He was in jail away from all of us. He is such a strong guy who handled everything with patience. It affected him, but he stood firm. At present he is at home peacefully but needs to improve his mental health first after so much of trouble in the last 2 months. We are just thanking the almighty that he is with us today.”

For the unknown, Sheezan Khan and Tunisha Sharma fell in love while shooting for their show ‘Alibaba: Dastan-e-Kabul’. The two allegedly broke up two months prior to Tunisha’s death. After Tunisha passed away, her mother accused Sheezan of abetting her suicide.