Health Alert! Debunking Mainstream Nutrition Myths

The age of personal nutrition is here!

Earlier everyone thought the one-size fits all is working because nobody is complaining or remotely understanding its effect. No fingerprint is the same, similarly, no human body is the same nor are the solutions. The development of personal nutrition should be considered so we have few Nutrition Disrupters lined up for you.

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It’s all about saying NO!

Accept the fact that comfort foods are allowed on holidays & celebrations. We are more human than we think we are. Let’s accept it, acknowledge it and own it, once in a while we need to binge eat to feel human.

One size fits all-one diet benefits all

Every human is born with a different body, how can one diet plan seem to benefit all. The consumer is clever and well read to demand bio-individuality and personalized nutrition plans based on the missing elements that need to be integrated all together. Like a puzzle can’t be complete if few pieces are missing.

Health is only about food

Mental health is also a part of health and wellness. Emotions drive everything, what you would like to eat, wear or how you want to behave. A bad mood can throw you off a healthy plan, but a happy mood can make you eat healthy stuff.

Work out and eat anything

Well, that’s absolutely disappointing when you don’t see the weighing scale move lower at all. You can be a gym rat, but if you ate more calories than what you burnt the scale will go up no matter what form of workouts you are onto. So, nutrition is key to losing those pounds and not the other way around.

Fancy salads help lose weight

Salads do help us lose weight, as fiber is low in calories and keeps us feeling full for hours. But if that salad has a dressing loaded with sugar, unhealthy fats or too many dried fruits its not a healthy salad anymore. It might be a dish of 800-1000 calories because of the sugary dressing and unhealthy fats.

A vegan diet is all you need

A vegan diet is super popular these days, most people turn vegan to lose weight, very few for ethical, environmental or health reasons. The ones who are doing it for faddish reasons are at the receiving end of the diet, excess weight gain and nutrient deficient. Although there are various health benefits like a trimmer waistline and improved blood sugar control. So, be careful why you pick the diet. Don’t do because of its trending, do it cause it’s working for you not against you.

Trying different fad diets help lose weight

Keto craze is the best example of fad diets. It’s got cholesterol raised and the only conversation at all the parties is who supplies Keto deserts and meals.  Food is something a person, community, and animal eat traditionally, naturally and locally and not follows a particular diet.

So. next time before trying out any harsh diets, keep these things in mind.