Hello Hip dips, We Love You Three Thousand!

Many of you may have inward curves below your hips and above your thighs. They can be seen in women and are known as the ‘violin dips’ ‘brow thigh’ or most commonly called as the ‘hip dips’. The internet is so obsessed with these harmless curves and that has become the new concern for women around the globe.

Google data shows that there is sudden rise (40%) in the search rate about hip dips. If you the one who reading this is concerned over your dips, just chillax. You’ve reached the right place and we’ll tell you why you should love your adorable dips.

With a subtle or pronounced dip, you may have searched about how to get rid of them and may have tried different exercises too. Most of them were lower body exercises right? Before you go in search of another tip, hold on. We would like to say a few things on your violin dip and here is it.

What are hip dips?
Hip dips are naturally occurring inward curves. They are formed depending on the shape of one’s pelvis. It varies from person to person. Some may have noticeable dips while others may not. But all of us when reduced to a skeleton, will have an indentation where the hip bone meets the top of the thigh.

Normal or bad?
There is nothing one can do about the shape of bones. Only thing you can do is to be thankful for the strong and unbroken bones you have. Always remember that every pelvis is unique and so is every hip dip. The dips are normal and not a sign of being unhealthy or unsexy. If you’ve got them, then there is no escape.

If you are still complaining and comparing of the beautiful inward curves, just focus on minimizing their appearance. Practice tips on losing body fat and building muscle mass. Do squats, lunges, clams and fire hydrants. Other lower body exercises are side lunge, glute rainbows, glute bridges, crusty lunge and hip abduction. Whichever exercise you do, strengthen your entire lower body and not just one part alone.

You have 99 problems and curves shouldn’t be one. Worrying will damage your mental health. Instead embrace the beautiful mess you are. Just browse and see how celebs Kendall Jenner, Julianne Hough, Kourtney Kardashian and Marilyn Monroe showed off their hip dips. They literally flaunt their curves and are amazingly sexy. There’s nothing to feel insecure about your dips. Amen to that. Work out, stay fit and love yourself. Say it to those curves that ‘Hip dips, we love you three thousand!!!!’

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