Here’s A Complete Guide To Facial Tools For All Skin Types

Facial tools are more than just a skincare exercise. A massage is beneficial to the skin in terms of strengthening and toning. Using a facial tool over serums, oils or masks can assist in pressing and penetrating skincare components further into the skin It stimulates blood flow, encourages lymphatic drainage, drains toxins and sculpts face muscles.

Let’s find out some of the best facial tools and their benefits.

  • Sculpting Skin With Gua Sha

The zygomatic (cheek muscles) and jawline are properly suited by the Gua Sha stone, which is fashioned in accordance with the facial muscles. A frequent Gua Sha massage tones the fat beneath the skin and lifts the facial muscles for a chiselled appearance. The tool’s design makes it simple to use and comprehend where it should be put on your skin.

  • Rose Quartz Roller To Promote Lymphatic Drainage

Rose Quartz rollers aid in lymphatic drainage, puffiness reduction, and increased blood circulation to the face. Rose Quartz is for people between the ages of 20 and 35 who need more hydration.

  • Use An Ice Roller For Skin That Is Prone To Irritation

Take an ice roller out of the freezer and rub it over your skin for 10-15 minutes in an upward and outward manner. Before you even start using your primer, this action will quickly soothe any undesired puffiness, massage your skin, and prepare your skin for makeup.

  • Kansa Wand For Acne-Prone Skin

The Kansa Wand, which has its origins in Ayurveda, is likely one of the first-ever face massage instruments. It contains a circular copper cap that noticeably softens fine lines and wrinkles, de-puffs the eye region, detoxifies the skin and lifts and firms the entire face. Copper is an alkaline metal that helps balance your skin and minimise acne, excess oil, irritation and sensitivity.

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