Here’s How Aishwarya Rai Reacted When Asked If She Would Undergo Any Cosmetic Surgery

Aishwarya Rai is unquestionably the most beautiful woman the world has ever seen. She is a beauty with brains that won her the Miss World title in 1994. Ever since, this beauty queen has managed to rule on the hearts of everyone.

However, there have always been a number of gossips about Aishwarya Rai going under the knife for her beauty. But we believe that the actress’s beauty is natural and no cosmetic surgery can make someone this beautiful. The actress us about to touch the 40 threshold and thus more and more news about the the actress getting a cosmetic surgery to keep looking young and ravishing have been doing rounds recently. When she was asked if she would ever undergo any Cosmetic Surgery for her beauty, the actress said,


“See, at this point, everything is moving so you guys would know. Very honestly, God has been kind so far and it’s each to their own — the choices that you make. When people have not explored it, we tend to say maybe not yet or maybe no,” she said, adding an example of colouring her hair. “Twenty years ago, if you had asked me would I ever colour my hair. I had brown hair and natural streaks. I would have said, ‘No’. Then I joined a brand and started experimenting and it worked.”

She added, “I have been fortunate, where I have never needed to embrace diets. Some people possibly need to. So, we can’t sit on a high horse and give any kind of advice like ‘you don’t need to do this’. Just make informed choices. There are medical practitioners, take their advice. You should know the science before making any choices.”



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