Here’s How To Make Him Last Longer In Bed: Everything You Need To Know!

There’s an old saying that Good things come to those who wait. While relationships are hard work, there’s no alternative to that. A physical relationship with your partner is equally important as an emotional relationship. There may be no rule-book as to what you bring to the bed, but certain advice and suggestions are always helpful.

Knowing what your partner likes is the key to unlock any locked doors. Trying and experimenting with different things in the bedroom becomes an important part of learning along the way. If you’re often worried about finishing too quickly, don’t stress it out, as it’s a pretty normal thing experienced by people of different genders, races, and orientations. We’ll say it again, it’s normal and more common than you think.

While women are often left unsatisfied as their partners are too quick to finish, this is a feeling that they might not want to endure. So, is there something that can be done about it? Absolutely.

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Read along the lines and find the best way out for you and your partner, don’t be afraid to bring this conversation up with them. Know that it’s a great sign when both the partners are respectful of each other and feel heard.

Taking Time Out:

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While a quickie enjoys its own excitement and thrill that comes with it, it’s always better to plan your bedroom activities ahead of time. You may ask why, so let’s get to it straight, that it’s no rocket science that the feeling you’ll get in the anticipation of what is to follow is like no other. There is nothing wrong with pre-planning your sexual activities, in accordance with your busy schedule.

Not only that but going slow also helps. Always remember, never be in an unexplainable hurry to wrap things up, it’s not the best of an experience, you know?

Pelvic Floor Exercises:

7 Exercises to Improve Your Sexual Stamina | HuffPost

You might’ve probably heard of Kegels, which is an exercise aimed to help in strengthening your pelvic floor muscles, which eventually might improve your chances of orgasm. Going by a source, “Strengthening these muscles can help with erectile strength, ejaculatory control, and strengthen orgasms for both men and women.”

“You can start by trying a basic bridge exercise: Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor; inhale and engage your pelvic floor by lifting your hips off the ground. Hold this position for 10 seconds, and slowly lower your hips back down to the starting position,” the source continues.

Switching The Position:

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You may have to play a little ‘hard to get’ in here, but if it makes him last longer, we don’t see the harm in it. Here’s where playing and experimenting come into the picture, try different styles and ways of getting it on, and who knows what sails your boat! New positions will not only help him stay longer but also spice up your love-making!

It’s possible that your guy’s go-to move is getting him off soon. But now you know what you need to do! There are high chances that it might actually prove to be of value to you.

Using Protection:

Condoms - how to use a male (external) condom | Avert

While this method is inevitable in order to practice safe sex, it also proves to be helpful in making your man last longer in bed. The science of it is simple: protection will not make him feel you directly, thus, delaying the time that he comes in. The barrier formed using it will numb his sensations and your job here is done. Also, none of you should be in a rush to getting close to the finish line. Remember what we said earlier? Good things ~come~ to those who wait!


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