Here’s why being single is Awesome!

Many of us are planning to spend the Valentine’s Day with their partners. There are lots of do’s and don’ts in their planning and some are of course racking their brains to give surprises to their partners by giving expensive gifts or a candle light dinner or a dance at the nearby club. However what about single people who don’t have any boyfriend or girlfriend? Is Valentine’s Day only for couples?

Not really. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love with your near and dear ones – it means you could spend a whole day with your loved ones, it could be your best friend, grandparents, parents, or your siblings or with the whole family. Most importantly Valentine’s Day is not just for a single day to celebrate, you can celebrate daily as well. It’s a day to say ‘Thank You’ to your loved ones.

So people, who are feeling low that they don’t have any date on this ‘Special Day’ have actually plenty things to cheer up about. Forget everything, eschew the emptiness, open up the door of love, splash yourself with energy and enthusiasm…. it’s Valentine’s day. It is a day to find love and keep smiling and be happy.

So, here are some things you can do on Valentine’s day

Lunch date with your family:– This will be your perfect day to spend a whole day with your parents and grandparents after all they are your love. You could do that with your singleton mates at the school, university, your hostel or your workplace too.

Make them special: Plan something special for them and say ‘Thank you’ to them for whatever they have done for you.

Go for a movie day with your siblings or friends or parents or children:- It is a perfect thing to do. Go and watch some recently released movie and you will all be better off and be relaxed and much less stressed out.

Shopping – Who does not love shopping. Pamper yourself, buy some nice stuff. If you are broke then just find a friend who is a shopping freak and loaded and just go along
Solitary, love yourself times:- In this busy-hectic pre-scheduled life we often forgot to live peacefully and find some time for ourselves. Have you ever tried thinking about your own life, and why you are spending it the way you are? Put on some soft music and think – Are you really happy? Are you doing what you want to do? How should you control your life and your activities so that your life becomes more meaningful!

Friends time:- Call your all single old buddies, and talk to them, get back some nostalgic moment and create some fresh memories. Talk, laugh, share and cheer.

Pick up your hobby:– Do what you love, what you want to do for a long time but didn’t get a chance to do. So get up and do.

Party at your place:- what’s going to be a better than this. Invite your family and friends over for wine, some mouthwatering appetizers, some loud laugh, some whispered gossips and some good times with your loved ones.

For the bookworm:- If your first love is reading. Then valentine’s day is the day to spend your day, read all the books you want to do for a long time

Be a workaholic:- If you don’t want to do any of the above looses yourself in work. The best thing a workaholic can do is to indulge yourself in work and with some coffee to release your stress or I can it will your stress – the choice is yours.

Last but not the least, if you feel lazy and tired, cuddle yourself under the blanket with a box of cookies and catch up on your sleep. Don’t get up and just laze around the whole day, if that makes you happy.

These are some things which can fill your emptiness and make your soul cheerful. So get up and do that. Don’t say that I have no Valentine to celebrate the Valentine’s Day. Feel Good and Feel happy. That is all you need to do …just chill! ….Happy Valentine’s Day


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