Here’s What Ishaan Khatter Has To Say On Criticism Against Mira Rajput’s Beauty Cream Ad

Shahid Kapoor’s wife faced a lot of flak online for promoting an anti-ageing beauty brand at the age of 23. If many found her acting skills “fake”, others said that she should show her face, “without any lighting” or make-up, before endorsing the cream, but at least her family is standing in support of her.

While the diva and hubby Shahid Kapoor are still tight-lipped about the whole episode, brother-in-law Ishaan Khatter has come to the rescue of his half-brother, Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira Rajput.  In an interview to India Today, Ishaan said that those who criticised Mira are frustrated. “There is a lot of frustration. There are a lot of people who are overly judgemental on the Internet. But having said that everyone has a right to opinion. For me, what’s important is to be inspired and keep moving to grow as an artist and as a person. I don’t find negativity helpful in that. So I try and keep myself away from it,” he said.

In the advertisement, Mira talks of how after giving birth, her skin has suffered. She says, “I’ve always been a very hands-on mom, so you tend to forget yourself as a woman. The stress, the sleepless nights – my pregnancy glow just vanished.” However, she was trolled left, right and centre for doing a commercial for an anti-aging cream at the mere age of 23. An Instagrammer asked her to “… take care of your puppy (daughter) first and fix your double standards” while another stated, “she’s literally 23 why does she need olay”. Some asked her, “If at 23 you need Olay @mira.kapoor then what will you use at 40?”

Watch the ad here:

In 2017, in an interview to a daily, Shahid opened up about Mira’s aspirations for acting. “She has not told me yet. I don’t think it’s something on her mind. At least not that I know of!”

He also said that both of them had been getting a lot of offers to do a film together. “Mira and I have been offered films together. Now toh, very often actually. Mira’s getting more popular (laughs). But no, obviously she didnt’ take up any of them,” he added.

Well that was a really sweet gesture, Ishaan!


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