Here’s Why Kajol’s Father Wanted To Name Her ‘Mercedes’

Kajol will soon be seen as an overprotective mother in upcoming film Helicopter Eela. Recently, She told a riveting snippet about her childhood in an interview which was done as a part of promotions for the film. In the interview,  she said that her father, filmmaker Shomu Mukherjee, wanted to name her ‘Mercedes’ and there’s a story to this.

Kajol’s father loved the name and figured that if the owner of Mercedes, the car-manufacturing company, can name his company after his daughter, so can he. Kajol said, “My daddy actually wanted to name me ‘Mercedes’. He loved the name Mercedes. The owner of Mercedes, the car-manufacturing company, named his company after his daughter. So my father always thought if he can name his daughter Mercedes, why can’t I.”

For the unversed, the  Emil Jellinek, the automobile entrepreneur and  Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft had commissioned the first modern car, Mercedes. The company got its name from Jellinek’s daughter Mercedes Jellinek.

However, Shomu Mukherjee had to bow down in front of his wife. “My mom and dad had quite a fight on this. But my mom told him that it was not going to happen!” revealed Kajol. She also divulged how she used to get beaten up by her mother Tanuja. Her mother teased her by saying, “I hope you have a daughter exactly like you someday,” she further said.

The 44-year-old also said that she was “the devil in disguise” of her father. She said her father often sang her, “You look like an angel, you walk like an angel, you talk like an angel… but you’re the devil in disguise.”

Kajol will be seen sharing screen space with National Award-winning actor Riddhi Sen in Helicopter Eela, which is slated to release on September 7.

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