‘Hey Mangalsutra Or Kamasutra’ Why Do Netizen Troll Sabyasachi For It’s New Ad?

Famous celebrity designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s is currently being targeted by trolls on social media. Sabyasachi has recently launched a new jewellery ad campaign and some of his photos have been posted on Instagram. Sabyasachi is a brand mostly worn by celebrities. Yet Sabyasachi has come with an out of the box idea.

Sabyasachi Jewellery

Sabyasachi Jewellery brand is trolled for its new design of mangal sutra

This time its advertisement has been showing models in bold looks wearing Mangla Sutra. The brand has been getting mixed reactions. As few are appreciating the idea, whereas many are not.  This collection is called ‘Intimate Fine Jewellery’ and shows the closeness of married couples. But the netizens are criticizing the photoshoot done for it. In this bold photoshoot, Mangalsutra is seen on the necks of some models, who are wearing lingerie  Netizens have questioned whether it is necessary to do such a photoshoot to advertise Mangalsutra.


The promotional ad also features gay couples. As in society, gay marriages are still not so common. Hence few reacted to it too. Additionally, some advertisements have been done in lingerie. One wondered if there was no other way for a jewellery photo shoot. Whereas others are saying that such ads breach the sanctity of the cultural identity.

Sabyasachi Jewellery Mangla Sutra

Sabyasachi mangal sutra for gay couples

So this is Mangalsutra or Kamasutra, in such words, the other has ridiculed. Some have even called for a ban on Sabyasachi. Netizens have also advised promoting jewellery, not women. Even some netizens got so angry that demanded punishment to the brand for showing obscenity in the name of promotion.

Sabyasachi is a famous fashion designer in Bollywood. They have designed dresses for the weddings of many celebrities. Along with clothes, Sabyasachi brand jewellery is also in the news due to its unique design. To give a different definition of beauty, Sabyasachi has often preferred shades and chubby models in her brand photoshoots.

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