Hina Khan is a BIG liar and hypocrite, twitteratis PROVE it smartly with pictures and videos

Our sympathies with all Hina Khan Fans who are supporting her with their heart saying that she is one of the strongest women in the house and knows how to take a right stand. In yesterday’s luxury budget task, Vikas Gupta was seen accusing Hina Khan of making inappropriate comments on Arshi Khan’s innerwear with her gang – Luv, Priyank and Benafsha. Hina took a stand for herself and said that all the claims are incorrect. She said that she had a girl talk with Benafsha as to what lingerie Arshi was wearing that day. Luv, who agreed with Hina and said that they were just sitting by when these girls were talking is no less. On camera, Luv Tyagi was seen checking out on Arshi’s innerwear, after which Arshi got angry.

This is not the first time that Hina and her gang, which now includes Sapna, Priyank and Luv didn’t blatantly lied on cameras. Twitter is flooding with hate comments for Hina Khan from all over. She has proved to be a big liar in the house. In a video from that day clearly shows how Hina is gossiping about Arshi’s lingerie with Luv and Benafsha. Earlier, when Luv was given a task of writing ‘zero’ on his forehead with henna, she applied makeup to it. However, she denied using any makeup on it. Arshi was later seen removing it from Luv’s forehead with a makeup remover and it clearly proved Hina to be a big liar.

In a previous luxury budget task, where the prize amount dropped from 50 lakhs to zero, she was seen crying. It clearly looked like she did it to hog the limelight. Last light, she was seen crying in the bathroom because Shilpa Shinde didn’t prepare an egg for her breakfast. Little does she know that people who follow the show closely remember each and everything. When she was the captain of the house, she said not to give food to Akash and now when it came to her, she was seen crying for an egg.
Here are some hate tweets for Hina:

“#HinaKhan Said Not to Give Food to #Akash Earlier When She Was The Captain. Now She Suffered The Same & Saying “Khaane ke Liye Aise Kon Karta hai”. She’s The Biggest Hypocrite I’ve Ever Seen. 😂😂#BB11 🔰 #BiggBoss11”

“Wow! HINA AND HER DOG lied again!!
The video is there on voot.
Biggboss telecasted it on tv. Hina told to luv about ARSHI’s bra and luv WAS staring at Arshi’s bra. “


“Kitni jaldi palat gye. Liars!#BB11 #BiggBoss11 @BiggBoss”

“2 mins of silence for Hina fans who are busy in trending Hina Stands for Right & in episode unki idol jhoot pe jhoot bolti jaa rahi hai😂”

“#BiggBoss11: #HinaKhan Mam stop playing this sympathy card. Its getting too over bearing and disgusting. And yes you said its right GOD is watching. #ColorsTV #SalmanKhan #BB11 #BiggBoss #WeekendKaVaar”

“Shilpa cooking for the whole house while Hina is on bitching mode against Shilpa saying things about her Professional careers, age n educational background, Just becoz she knows she can’t tackle her in d game so tackling her by bitching nonsense.#BiggBoss11”

“#Hina is a superwoman. She opens the bedroom door so that people listen and start a fight😑 She is friends with Akash whom she even refused to give food few weeks back..she is the Mother-India of two puppies😂😂😂the list is just endless😂😂😂 #BiggBoss11”

High time Hina Khan understands what she is really doing on the show!


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