Hina Khan dethrones Alia Bhatt: Twitterati’s troll her badly

Ever since Hina Khan has stepped inside the Bigg Boss house, she disparaged her image of sanskari bahu, she played in the popular daily soap Yeh Rishta Kya Khelata Hai. With the kind of behavior she holds inside the house has made her win the title of ‘the villain of the house’.

After she entered the Bigg Boss house, all the viewers got to see her true colors. She has been making fun of her co-contestants inside the house for a long time now. People have trolled Hina khan before but this time again she made the Twitterati’s to slam her online. In the recent episodes “Ghar Aaye Gharwale”, Bigg Boss asked Hina Khan to put 60 on Shilpa’s scoreboard. Instead of placing 060, she made it to 600. After this, Bigg Boss called out her name and asked her to correct it. This not only made other house members to laugh on her but also the people outside the house made fun of her.

Twitterati’s didn’t take a second to troll her as the dumbest contestant of big boss 11.

She never let go of the chance to dig at other contestants on their education and class. Whether it’s Shilpa Shinde, Arshi Khan or Puneesh Sharma, she has always shown her superiority in comparison to others.

She had a huge problem with Shilpa’s English but now it seems like people have a huge problem with Hina’s IQ. Ironically, in the same episode she was taking classes from Shilpa Shinde on how to make a cup of tea, as it wasn’t her cup of tea. Later, she was the only one who accused her of using tap water.


Viewers have been constantly making fun of her IQ. Few weeks before, when she was testing other contestant’s general knowledge, she again became the laughing stock for people. As the answer she told them was wrong. This too provoked twitterati’s to make fun of her.

So, Puneesh Sharma was right when he said that Shilpa Shinde is maintaining her dignity while Hina khan has lost it in big boss. It’s not only her education that is in question. Her class personified image too came into question when Benafsha Soonawalla shared a picture of her on Instagram. She was poking her fingers in her nose while eating.

Not only this, her clothes too became the laughing stock when she was making fun of Vikas’s attire.

Karishma Tanna was right when she gave her a piece of advice when she came to the house. “Practice what you preach”. It’s high time that Hina khan should know what she is saying to others, she should follow them too. Just two more weeks to go, let’s see what more is left to lose for Hina khan.


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