Hina Khan hits a new LOW; passes CHEAP comments about Gauahar Khan and Sakshi Tanwar! Read Inside

Things are turning from bad to worse for much-loved television actress Hina Khan. With each passing day in the reality show Bigg Boss 11, the actress is seen hitting a new low. Known for her subtle, polite and gracious role of Akshara in Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Hina has turned out to be a complete opposite personality in real life. And this, has really hit her fan-following very hard. Her fans, who were so eager to see their favourite actress in this reality show are absolutely disappointed.

In the initial weeks of the show, the actress exposed her bossy and arrogant side. Then, people got to see her insensitive, cheap and vulgar side as well. Her talking way, sickening choice of words has also further revealed her nasty manners. But looks like, the actress has no respect for women itself. In the last Weekend Ka Vaar episode only, host Salman Khan had grilled her for being a mere spectator to Priyank’s comments on Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan. Hina was probably enjoying the demeaning comments being passed on Arshi and Shilpa! DUhhh!

And now, the popular actress has hit a new low as she commented on her contemporaries outside the house. A video of Hina Khan’s conversation with Arshi and Vikas has gone viral on social media. Hina Khan is seen taking pride and telling Vikas and Arshi that Gauahar Khan doesn’t even have half the followers she has on social media. Vikas replies saying that Gauahar might not be active on social media, but Hina defends her statement by saying that even she is not active on it. By the way, Hina Khan has 126K followers on her Twitter profile whereas Gauahar has 2.17 million followers.

That’s not all! What seems to be like a general gossip session, Hina also takes a dig at Dangal actor Sakhi Tanwar. In the video, when Arshi Khan says that she doesn’t like Sakshi Tanwar’s features, Hina joins her hands and through actions tells Arshi that Sakshi is cross-eyes. However, by the end of the conversation Hina says that Sakshi is an incredible actress.
This viral video did not go well with the television industry (for obvious reason) and several A-list actors have slammed Hina for her shameful remarks. Gauahar, who is known for speaking her heart out, took it to Twitter and wrote, Acchaii aur tameez toh seekhi nahi, math karna seekha hota toh aaj jhoote ghamand me aake kahi gayi baat pe log itna haste nahi..Lol!!! Allah sabko tarakki de…. Ameen!! Ghamand be aaj tak kisi ka kuch bhalaa nahi kiya.. sakshi tanwar u are beautiful💛 (You haven’t learnt good manners but wish you might have learnt some mathematics because then you might not have become a butt of all jokes for the things you say in your vanity. May god prosper all..Ameen. Arrogance has done no good to anyone ever! Sakshi Tanwar, you are beautiful )”
Other television actors like Kamya Punjabi, Karan Patel, Anita Hassanandani and Kishwer Merchant too stood up in support of Gauahar and Sakshi.

Karan Patel, who recently made headlines for his war of words with Hina’s boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal tweeted, “U worked hard for it and most importantly in a dignified manner darling … always was and will be a well wisher …! God bless … @GAUAHAR_KHAN lots of love and luck to you my friend …!”
On the other hand, his Yeh Hain Mohabbatein co-star Anita Hassanandani also wrote on Twitter, “#Sakshi #Gauhar #Sajeeda r the prettiest inside out! #positive vibes only” Kishwer Merchant retweeted Anita’s tweet and added, “And an awesome actress too!!!”
Kamya Punjabi, known for not mincing her words, too turned up in support of Gauahar. She tweeted, “Oh my god!!Jo maine dekha kya woh sach hai?Is this woman @eyehinakhan for real?Kaun hai yeh?Kaha se aayi hai? @GAUAHAR_KHAN i luv u n m so proud of you!!! #SakshiTanwar ki tarah pehle bannkar dikhao madam #HinaKhan aap toh unka naam lene ke bhi layak nahi!!!”

Well, television industry is surely infuriated. Her reputation has undeniably been hit hard but we wonder what kinda treatment will she get from the industry after returning from the show. Also, this is not the first time Hina has demeaned women on Bigg Boss 11. Earlier, she had riffed a controversy by generalizing and targeting South-Indian actresses. She had called them ‘bulky.
We hope Hina realises her mistake soon or she is gonna lose out on everything she earned after working for eight long years in the same show,


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