Hina Khan makes this statement about women and we literally don’t know how to react!

It is clearly visible that Hina Khan is making things worse for herself each day. In this 10 weeks long journey in the Bigg Boss house, Hina has actually revealed her true colours on the show which do not match with her on-screen innocent and positive image. Her badass, bossy and arrogant nature is undeniably shocking for her fans. Her behaviour in the house has certainly taken a toll on her colossal fan following. Most of her fans are now miffed with her after seeing her in the Bigg Boss house.

But Hina is unperturbed about it all! Let us tell you, she relies a lot on her PR team. She thinks her exceptionally talented Public Relations team will control all the damage she is causing to her image. But it seems like Hina is forgetting that whatever she is doing on the national television is being watched by the masses. There have been instances when Hina disappointed us with her extremely bossy and egoistic attitude. And then the worst thing she has done throughout the show is demeaning the women.

She shamelessly body-shamed Shilpa Shinde for her weight; she raised questions on co-contestant Arshi Khan’s character; propagated chauvinist mindset during the Court Task, passed pathetic remarks on her legendary contemporary Sakshi Tiwari and the list goes on!

This neither has gone well with the viewers but even the entire television is shocked to see such cheap side of Hina, who relentlessly degrades women and does oodles of crying drama to garner sympathy.

But what makes me write this story is her act in the last episode where she burst out on Priyank for calling her insecure. Actually what happened is, in the nomination special episode, Hina saved Priyank. And later in the day, Priyank apologised to Hina for calling her insecure and Hina started crying. She said, “How can you call me insecure? How can you say that about a woman?” And we literally do not know, how to react.

Like, first of all, these words coming from Hina Khan who has left no stone unturned to demean women makes no sense at all! Her these words not only make us laugh but boil our blood as well. She has no bloody right to gain sympathy by playing this ‘woman-card’ when all she herself does is disrespect women and make pathetic statements about them. Heights of hypcrisy!

And also,

Dear Hina, being insecure has nothing to do with being a man or a woman! 🙂


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