Holi 2020: Date, Time And Shubh Muhurat For The Upcoming Festival Of Colors

Being one of the important festivals of India, Holi  is celebrated with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm across the country. Holi, which is also known as ‘festival of love’, signifies the arrival of spring and the end of the winter season. People consider this festival as sign of repairing broken relationships. It is celebrated in the month of Phalhuna, which generally falls in the middle of March.

As there are many interesting stories associated with the festival’s origin, mythology plays a very important role in narrating the festival’s significance.  One of the most renowned and believed mythological narration is that of Holika.

Story of Holika

Integrally entwined with Holi, is the tradition of ‘Holika Dahan’, which is actually lighting of bonfires. The ritual is symbolic of victory of good over evil and has its root in the legend of demon king Hiranyakashyap who wished to end his blessed son, Prahlad’s life with the help of his sister, Holika who burnt in the fir and no harm occurred to Prahlad. Since then the day is celebrated in victory of good over bad.

Holika Dahan

As Holika Dahan takes place prior to the day Holi is played throughout the country, this year it will be done on 9th march,2020. The Purnima tithi is said to begin at 3.03 am and end by 11.17 pm, with timings for Dahan being 6:26 to 8:52 pm.


It is the main day of Holi celebrations, and it is on this day that the actual play of colors take place. There is no tradition of holding puja and is meant for pure enjoyment. Dhuleti 2020 is on 20th march,2020.

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