“Home Shanti” A Slice Of Life Comedy Starring Supriya Pathak & Manoj Pahwa To Release On May 6

In a new trend, a lot of OTT platforms have now started to produce family drama and a slice of life content. One of the most popular ‘slice of life’ comedy series in recent times was Sony Liv’s ‘Gullak’. Family dramas like ‘Anupama’ have also been trending a lot lately. Most of the slice of life genre shows are made by TVF. From Kota Factory to Panchayat, TVF has mastered the art of producing reality-based content. This feels like a rewind as the current generation grew up in the era of ‘Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai’ and ‘Khichdi’ which shows that we have the capability of producing great sitcoms.

To add to the list of series of this genre, ‘Khichdi’ Supriya Pathak is set to make a return to sitcoms or slice of life comedy genre with the new show ‘Home Shanti’. The show will revolve around the Joshi family’s long-harbored dreams of becoming homeowners for the first time. Supriya Pathak will be sharing the screen with veteran actor Manoj Pahwa. This pair in the lead ticks the check box of good casting which is very essential for the shows of this genre.

The series also stars newbie actors Chakori Dwivedi, and Poojan Chhabra and is directed by Aakanksha Dua. The director explained the plot of the show and said “Home Shanti as a family drama takes a close look at the emotional journey a family makes while building their dream home. It is a breezy, uplifting, and humorous drama that will make the viewer fall in love with the Joshis and root for them till the last brick has been laid. I feel incredibly grateful for Supriya Pathak and Manoj Pahwa, who brought their wondrous synergy to the drama. Their on-screen chemistry pulled at my heartstrings and I am sure they will cast the same spell on the audience. We’ve got some talented actors, Chakori Dwivedi and Poojan Chabbra as the Joshi siblings who have made the characters so loveable. Happy Ranajit as the contractor is spot on! The entire cast of Home Shanti feels like a fun ensemble and the characters grow on you. Can’t wait to see the audience’s reaction to this emotional cushion of a drama.”


Supriya Pathak also commented about doing the show and said  “Home Shanti is a heartfelt family drama that makes you step back and take note of those little intimacies shared in a family. The relatability factor of this drama is very high for we all know of families who dream of owning a house one day. I had an absolute gala time working on this series, especially getting to rekindle Manoj and my chemistry had me super excited. At times, the set felt like an extension of a family.”

With a decent cast and a lot of potential in the plot, we fans can hope for a good, soft, and light-hearted show. The show will release on the 6th of May on Disney+ Hotstar.

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