How COVID-19 Is Reshaping The Fashion World?

By Sneha Sinha

The COVID-19 impacted almost every industry of the world including the Fashion industry. The change in consumer behavior and demand has created difficulties but also given a million opportunities to introduce astonishing creativity for fashion. The fashion world is being more futuristic and being adaptable to a revolution in the industry due to the pandemic.

Let’s come to the point of how COVID-19 is reshaping the Fashion World:

  • Expanding e-commerce-  The shift towards the online market allows big brands where they can set a field in e-commerce to transform that lost season into the most profitable season. On the other hand, small brands can also use social media platforms to generate, target customers, and sell products. Social media provides a profitable platform for entrepreneurs in the non-contact periods to run their businesses during covid-19.
  • Vocal for local- In India, the campaign ‘Made in India’ running by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to boost Indian fashion designers and the Indian fashion market has become a huge success for locals. It allowed those local fashion designers and brands that were under the shadow of big fashion brands. For those local brands and designers, social media becomes a helpful tool to set a platform for generating business by advertising, marketing, targeting customers, earning popularity, and many more.
  • Change in style- The work from a home pattern made people interested in being comfortable rather than fashionable. After spending months in loose pants, shorts, sweatshirts, and T-shirts, people find it cool and comfortable to pursue it as their own style. Adding some color to outfit and wearing mismatching clothes are the key trends of 2020 fashion. When a mask came as the protector, it was difficult to wear but after some time the fashion designers made it the most influencing fashion trend while protecting you at the same time. Wearing masks as the same pattern of the clothes was at the top of fashion styling 2020.
  •  Believe in sustainability- The fast fashion industry is evolving but pandemic introduces a risk of being a part of it. 2020 shows the consumers all the damage done by fast fashion. It’s high time to rethink and shift towards sustainable fashion which produces less risk and flexibility to sell than fast fashion. The demand for sustainable fashion is growing day by day because traditional fashion came back in trend.


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