How Does YouTube Affect Commoners And Celebrities? Deets Inside!!

There used to be a time where ” YouTube” was used by people to just watch music videos and other informational videos. But now YouTube is a platform where every other person can open their own channel and showcase their talent. YouTube content creators have become more popular than the actors.

When YouTube started paying the content creators for the high quality content, that’s when people started to create content and upload it on YouTube. Now you can find every other person making vlogs, giving reviews, comedy videos and much more.

YouTube gave fame to many of the content creators like Bhuvan Bam, Prajakta Kholi, Ashish Chanchlani, Carryminati and many more. They started by just uploading their content and people loved it. YouTube gave them an audience that made them much more famous than the actors and actresses in cinema.

YouTube have become a huge platform. Now every actor, singer and reality star are opting to upload their content on YouTube in order to imagine the amount of audience, the social media platform has. Every person on the media platform is a YouTuber. People are creating content as their part-time job for the money and YouTube pays its creators based on subscribers and views that is encouraging people to upload their content. Toddlers these days even if they don’t know how to speak ; they know how to operate YouTube. This explains how people are familiar with YouTube. Watching the content on YouTube has become a part of our daily routine, especially the series that are free to watch on YouTube.

Amidst the Covid-19 lockdown when the movie theaters were shut down none of the actors or actresses were paid but YouTube content creators were doubly paid for their hard work for keeping their audience entertained during the lockdown. Brands are collaborating with the YouTubers to promote their product because of the audience the content creators have.

Those days are not far away when we will see every student as a content creator on YouTube, and it also seems like YouTube will be a major threat to the cinema.

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