How Much Do Big Boss OTT Members Make? Who Is The Most Paid Member Of The Big Boss OTT?

With the banging start of Bigg Boss OTT, tremendous drama is being seen. The house of Bigg Boss, famous for its fights, is again in the news for its fights and controversy. Arguments are taking place in the house every day and the contestants are accusing each other fiercely. However, the more high voltage drama happens in this house, the more the TRP of this show increases. Fans are very fond of the show. However, the question must also arise in your mind that how much fee would these contestants, who have endured and fight so much, get from the show? Let us tell you that these contestants of Bigg Boss OTT are charging lakhs of rupees every week. Also, tell you who is the most expensive member of this show.

Neha Bhasin, Akshara Singh, and Zeeshan khan.

  • Neha Bhasin-

Neha is the contestant of the show whose name was first revealed. She is trying to adapt to the atmosphere of Bigg Boss. She is taking around two lakh rupees a week.

  • Akshara Singh-

Bhojpuri cinema’s big star Akshara Singh is seen taking the most tremendous mess in the show these days. Talking about the fees, Akshara Singh takes around Rs 1.7 lakh for a week.

  • Zeeshan khan-

Zeeshan Khan of the famous TV show Kumkum Bhagya is also a part of this show. He is earning a fee of Rs 2.5 lakh per week.

Divya Agarwal and Rakesh Bapat.

  • Divya Agarwal-

Divya Aggarwal, who has been a part of many shows, is taking around Rs 2 lakh from the show.

  • Rakesh Bapat-

TV’s world-famous name Rakesh Bapat is also doing well in the show. His performance in the task is very good. He is charging around Rs 1.2 lakh per week.

  • Muskan Jatana-

Social media influencer Muskaan Jattana is becoming very popular in the show. Muskan earns around Rs 1.75 lakh a week. Muskan’s fan following is quite good.

  • Nishant Bhatt-

Famous choreographer Nishant Bhatt is getting around 1.2 lakh rupees for a week in this show. Significantly, Shamita Shetty had accused Nishant of making her feel uncomfortable during a shoot.

  • Karan Nath-

Karan Nath, who made a home in the hearts of people from the film Yeh Dil Aashikana, is quietly seen in the house of Bigg Boss. However, Karan’s one-week earnings are Rs 1.75 lakh.


Shamita Shetty, Riddhima Pandit, and Prateek Sahajpal

  • Shamita Shetty-

Actually, Shamita took part in the show in Bigg Boss 3 but she left the show midway for her sister’s wedding. Shamita is earning around Rs 3.75 lakhs from Bigg Boss every week.

  • Prateek Sahajpal-

Prateek Sahajpal, who gets into the show as soon as he comes to the show, is also in constant discussion. Prateek is charging one lakh rupees for a week.

  • Riddhima Pandit-

The most expensive contestant on this show.

The most expensive contestant on this show is Riddhima Pandit who charges five lakh rupees for about a week. Seeing Riddhima’s game, fans are considering her as the most powerful contestant.

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