It can be very frustrating when you try to groom your cat and they don’t like it. Every cat owner needs to understand that grooming is something that takes a bit of warming up to. A lot of cat owners are not patient and often go about trying to groom their cats the wrong way. Grooming your cat involves clipping their sharp nails, giving them regular baths and taking care of their fur. If you don’t groom your cat, your cat can start to smell or look unkempt and you wouldn’t want that. The good news is that there are ways you can groom your cat even if they hate it. If you want to find out ways to groom your cat even if they hate it, keep on reading.

Get them used to being petted and groom them with grooming gloves

As a pet owner, you need to pet your cat constantly so they can be used to it. Make your cat used to your hands on their body so they won’t freak out whenever you try to groom them. Once your cat is used to your petting, grooming them will be very easy. One way you can make them used to petting is by using grooming gloves. Grooming gloves are gloves that have small grooves and can be used to brush your cat’s fur. It’s possible that your cat hates the feel of a comb on their fur. With a grooming glove, you can take care of your cat’s fur while petting them, a win-win.

Let them groom themselves using a self-groomer

You’re probably wondering how a cat can groom themselves. There are self-grooming products like a cat corner scratcher that you can get for your cat. A cat corner scratcher is a scratcher that you can attach to a corner of your house or anywhere that your cat can easily access. Once your cat scratcher is attached to a surface, your cat will go there regularly to scratch their selves. The constant scratching will result in a tangle and itch-free fur your cat is guaranteed to love. Your cat knows they don’t have to wait for you anymore to scratch their itch. 

Hire a professional

Grooming a cat can take some time you might not have. You’ve probably tried all you can to groom your cat and they still hate it. Well, one thing you can do is hire a professional. There are professional cat groomers that are always available to groom your cat at little cost. Professional groomers know how to handle cats and will most likely do a better job at grooming than you. Hire a professional groomer to groom your cat regularly and they will begin to love it.

There are ways you can groom your cat even if they hate it. You should not leave your cat without regular grooming just because they hate it. Get them used to petting and they will fall in love with grooming. If you don’t have time to get your cat used to petting then you can just a hire a professional. Follow these tips and watch your cat flourish.