How To Keep Your Mental Health From Deteriorating In Lockdown

By Palak Sharma

Amidst the second wave of COVID-19, black fungus and cyclones, people have to endure their boredom while staying at home. All of this is taking a serious toll on everyone’s mental health. Many people have lost their family and their loved ones while some people are still praying for their dear ones who are fighting these deadly diseases. 

The situation out there is really affecting everyone’s mental health. In between all of this, nobody knows how to stop their mental health from deteriorating. Here are a few things that might help you in keeping your mental health in check:

  • These suggestions are  for people who are locked inside their house with only one thought in mind that they are bored in the house, in the house bored. To deal this boredom you can do few things:-
  • Spend time with your family. Spend as much time as you can with them. Cherish these moments because you never know when is the last. If you are staying with them then sit down and talk about anything and everything, play games with them like ludo, chess, carrom, etc., try cooking new things and have them taste it and judge it.

And if you are away from them, then video call whenever you are free, and spend time with them virtually. 

  • Keep yourself occupied. You can play games, binge watch shows and series which you never got time for before, talk with your friends, read a book, do exercise or meditate or both, listen to music, etc. 


  • Do not watch the news. If the information of what’s happening all over the world is making you sad and defeated, then don’t watch the news. Watch something that’ll make you happy, something that’ll keep you hopeful for the near future.
  • Learn something new. There are many things in this world that not everybody is perfect in. Try learning that skill. It can be cooking, a new language, ms excel, Java, dance, photoshop, etc. It can be anything that you are not perfect at or are interested in. 
  • Give time to your hobbies. Somewhere with the time there are things that you left behind. It might be something you used to love to do but then you became busy and left it behind. This is your time to rekindle that old love. Whether it was writing journals, dancing, playing guitar,  singing, painting, etc. 


  • Write down your feelings. If even after doing all these things your heart feels heavy and you feel like you are falling into the dark abyss of nothing but darkness, then write it all down on a paper. Let the emotions out of your body with the help of ink and paper. Write everything that you are feeling, the word might not make sense but who cares, nobody has to read it, it is only and only for you to feel light and feel better again.
  • Talk to a friend. I know I have said it already but on a serious note, if you still don’t feel good and feel sad or low, talk to a person who understands you the most, the person who would listen to you without interruption and whose advice or voice would make you feel better. It can be your friend, mom, sister, boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse. 

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