Hrithik Roshan’s Abs Video Gets Flagged As Photoshop; Here is the Star’s Befitting Response

For years, fans around the world find themselves drooling over the super fit body of Actor Hrithik Roshan. From his debut film, ‘ Kaho Na Pyaar Hai’ we are all hooked to his fabulous muscular frame. The actor who has always taken fitness seriously, recently became the brand ambassador for ‘Cure. Fit’. Rightfully so, since the actor sure does know all the tricks to staying fit.

Taking to instagram, Hrithik Roshan uploaded a video showing off his abs. The star is wearing an unbuttoned open jean sleeveless shirt. However, it was not his fashion sense that got us all staring. Peeping through the shirt are his neatly packed abs. The actor sure did raise a few eyebrows. The video is an advertisement for his clothing brand HRX. The brand showcases the best styles in exercise and yoga fashion.

While some fans certainly loved the video, others were not too kind. Actor Toranj Kavyon was the latter. The actor commented, ” Its all photoshop guys. He eats pizza”. Reacting to the witty accusation, Actor Hrithik Roshan commented a befitting response. He says, “@toranjkayvon haha only with health freaks like you!”.

One is for sure, the actor sure knows how to handle teasers on the gram. Apart from this the actor got other comments. Some fans even saying he “looks 21 years old”. Hrithik Roshan who is enjoying all the love from the post, did not stop there. The actor surprised fans with yet another picture of his oiled muscular body. Captioning this picture as ” Good Catch”.

All we can say is keep it coming !



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