Falling in love for someone has been the most beautiful feeling ever, but lucky are those whose parents are supportive enough to encourage their relationship. Some couples have to face some serious obstacles in the path of love. Sometimes parents’ disapproval can be valid, but sometimes it can be irrational no matter whatever, it is very hard for couples to deal with it. Something similar is happening with Sanaina Roshan and Ruhail Amin.

Despite Hrithik Roshan, being a Hindu had married a Muslim girl, Sussanne Khan in the year 2000 without any family objection, 19 years later, it is his sister, Sunaina Roshan, is struggling to marry a guy from different castes. According to Roshan family Ruhail is not acknowledging Sunaina and he is already married man with kids.As per the report, a close friend of the Roshans has stated, “This chap whom Sunaina is seeing is apparently married and has children. That’s why Guddu and Pinky (Rakesh Roshan and his wife) are going nuts. Sunaina has already made monstrous marital mistakes. Her parents don’t want her to end up making one more wrong choice of partner.”

In a recent interview with news18 Ruhail Amin lashed at Roshan family for discriminating him because of his religion, he said “This is unfortunate. Labelling someone extremist just because he/she belongs to a certain religion is simply outrageous and needs to be condemned in strongest words… Religions and geographies should not become the cornerstones of defining extremism; we need to move beyond that mindset.”

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Sussanne Khan has shared her thoughts on the entire scenario. Her post could be read as, “As a part of my experience with all concerned and in my life span of being a part of this close-knit family, I know Sunaina, to be an extremely loving warm, caring person, who is in an unfortunate situation. Sunaina’s father is undergoing a major health crisis. Her mother is herself vulnerable, to say the least. Please respect a family’s tough period, each family goes through such times. I needed to say this as someone who has been a part of this family for long.” This is not the first time Sussanne talked about her support from Roshan family ahter her divorce.