Huma Qureshi Turns 37, Takes A Stand Against Ageism In Bollywood; Urges People To Appreciate Talent Over Age

Bollywood actress Huma Qureshi marks her 37th birthday today. In a recent interview, she candidly addresses challenges faced by actresses, emphasizing the need to challenge ageism and stereotypes, promote equality, and empower women in the film industry.

Heading: Balancing the Scales of Ageism: Huma’s Stand for Actresses

Bollywood’s versatile actress, Huma Qureshi, celebrates her 37th birthday, utilizing the moment to speak against ageism in the film industry, particularly for actresses. In a recent interview, she urges society to appreciate a woman’s talents beyond her age.

Heading: Empowering Actresses: Huma’s Vision for the Future

Huma Qureshi emphasizes ageism in the film industry, stating actresses face tougher hurdles than male actors. She urges a shift in perception, urging others to acknowledge women’s value beyond superficial standards and advocates for empowering female artists.

Heading: Work-Life Balance: Huma’s Approach to a Fulfilling Career

Huma Qureshi compares her acting career to a 9-to-5 job, emphasizing work-life balance. She cherishes moments with loved ones, consciously minimizing work commitments on important occasions like her birthday and New Year to prioritize personal celebrations.

Heading: On-screen Brilliance: Huma’s Journey in ‘TARLA’

‘TARLA’, the acclaimed film, exhibits Huma Qureshi’s remarkable portrayal of TV chef Tarla Dalal, elevating Bollywood’s acting standards. Streaming on OTT platforms, the movie showcases her commitment to challenging stereotypes and redefining her artistry.