I Don’t Have Fear Of Losing Stardom, Says Vidya Balan; See What Amit Masurkar Reveals About ‘Sherni’

Vidya Balan admits that she is going through a tough phase nowadays, as ‘films are not working as per expectations. The actress says that the most painful part of her experience is that she feels ‘rejected’ or ‘unloved’ when such things happen.

While speaking of the fact with IANS, Vidya said, “When you’re going through a low, it is very tough, especially because it’s all public. When your films don’t work, for example. It affects me badly because I am so intensely involved in my films. I give so much of myself to my films. It is heartbreaking without a doubt, and then you feel unloved and rejected. I think that is what is painful. You can’t make sense of it. Only later are you able to look at the situation objectively and say, ‘Oh that is why this film did not resonate with people? When it’s fresh, I think it’s always very tough.”

She added, “Is there fear of losing stardom? Not at the moment, no.” Indeed, there’s a feeling of being ‘broken down’ when lost and having the fear of losing stardom. Vidya flashed a trademark smile and mentioned that she is super positive, and that kind of moment is nowhere in the scene of grabbing her neck.

Few audiences feel that Vidya’s recently released ‘Sherni’ was not up to the mark as the scripted climax seemed to be incomplete with lots of ‘hustle and bustle. Now comes the ‘revealing of the truth’ part. According to the latest reports, the film was incomplete due to the pandemic. Let us see what director Amit Masurkar told PTI about the fact; “There are no easy solutions to these problems. In a film about conversation, we have to leave the audience with a question – what are we doing to others and ourselves?”

He added, “We had a happy ending in an earlier draft, but when the pandemic happened, Aastha thought that the film had to end with a wake-up call. She had visited the taxidermy section of the museum in Mumbai once and felt that it was the right location to film the scene. The coronavirus pandemic didn’t just delay the work on ‘Sherni’, but also helped the team realize that they wanted to go for a different ending, one that would act a wake-up call to the audiences.”

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