I Just Remember Being So Nervous: F9’s Nathalie Emmanuel To Collider

Recently, F9’s Nathalie Emmanuel recalled her experience of joining the Fast and Furious franchise. In an interview, she spoke about how nervous she was during shoots and staying surrounded by a well-established cast. She started his journey in the franchise from ‘Furious 7’, where she played Ramsey (the hacker) and was rescued by Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his family from Nigerian terrorist, Mose Jakande (Djimon Hounsou). Her character Ramsey is presented in a way that she owns the main mind over creating God’s eye.

In the interview with Collider, Nathalie was asked to describe her experience while undergoing the shoot with the cast. She said, “There’s always part of you as an actor who is new, coming into a very established thing [where you think] if it doesn’t work or you don’t quite nail it, they might not want to bring you back. I just remember being so nervous. All of these actors I’ve watched most of my life and my very first scene is this scene where I basically call out every single person.”

Contrarily and notably, the scene has occurred just after Ramsey is saved by the team, and promptly offers her initial, quite blunt, thoughts of Dom, Tej (Ludacris), Letty (Michelle Rodriquez), Brian (Paul Walker, and Roman (Tyrese Gibson). The scene is shown quite well with the proper establishment of Ramsey’s character, highlighting her insightfulness, and also cutting down the egos to play.

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Emmanuel’s nerves probably helper her to take a stand in front of Dom and the team, who confronted her right away for the cause. But generally, she doesn’t seem to have taken the pressure both in reel and real. Nathalie’s character, after the film, has become consistent with the fixtures for the franchise’s other installments also. So, audiences can look forward to both her and the rest of Dom’s family, returning in F9’s sequel, releasing soon in the theatres of India, as the situation seems under control.

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