Hi everyone.
I’m 24years old I am working in company from 3years there I met my boss initially when I started working there people said he such a rude and not well good person so I always thought I should never bother him much work and go home this is what I thought.
After a year working with him I realised he is very humble well being human being I started liking him as he is in good nature. He is married he have 1 kid also I eventually talk to her wife she also nice now my problem is my boss proposed me I said no because he is married but still he not listening to me 😭. I can’t be rude with him so simply I avoided but later I realised I even not able to avoid him I’m strated loving him without knowing me I asked myself 1000 times this is not a correct way but my heart was not able to listen my mind I even started loving him so now we both are in relationship. As of now everything is going good we even thought we buy a new home for both of us after this corona pandemic will go I’m happy with him now k believing myself that he is mine and I’m not that cruel to say him that lev her wife and come with me I am even unable to lev him he never fought with me as of now he is gentle it’s been a year and I’m glad that I have him but I’m not sure how my future gone end up… I’m confused he may marry me but he can’t show me the society he may give everything whatever I want but what I say to my family they never accept this relationship my dad gonna kill me if I say this all. please suggest me what to do.? I can’t live without him he is my everything now. please suggest me.