‘I Select Clothing…’: TV Actress Charrul Malik Opens Up About Style Statements & Her Clothing Choices!

TV presenter-actress Charrul Malik talked about her style statement as well as fashion icons. She gave tips on what to keep in mind while choosing their clothes.

Charrul said that denim is her all-time favourite since they go with everything. She enjoys wearing short skirts since they make her feel light as well as comfortable. In her show, ‘Happu Ki Ultan Paltan’, she sports all the western outfits which make her look stylish, sultry, as well as comfortable at the same time.

She was asked what she cares about while wearing a dress or saree. The TV actress Charrul Malik said that she does not mindlessly follow trends. Instead, she chooses clothes that suit her. While wearing a dress, it is important to remember that it is in good shape. She added that while wearing a bodycon dress, one has to wear the right undergarments to feel comfortable.

She said that choosing the right fabric for one’s body shape is important when wearing a saree. However, she believes that wearing heels with a saree is a must as it gives a curvy look. It improves body posture. Charrul believes people should avoid too much bling while wearing sarees during the day.

Charrul talked about the choice of colours too. She added that one should choose colours according to the mood. In the evenings one can wear dark colours like black. On the other, in the daytime light colours like pastel and floral can be worn. But the best would be to decide on one’s colour complexion.