‘I Wanted To Be Fat’: Shriya Saran Reveals Why She Did Not Want To Announce Her Pregnancy!

Actress Shriya Saran opened up about her pregnancy. She revealed why she chose not to announce it. In a new interview, Shriya said that one reason was that she wanted to ‘be fat and not worry about what people write about me.’ She further revealed that she was afraid that if she spoke about her pregnancy, people will take ‘that much longer time to come back and give me work.’

On March 19, 2018, she tied the knot with her Russian boyfriend Andrei Koscheev. They did this at her Lokhandwala residence. In October last year, Shriya announced that they are parents to a daughter. Their daughter is Radha. She was born in 2021.

Shriya told a media portal, “There is a lot of fear. I feel one of the main reasons why I did not speak about my pregnancy was of course that I wanted to make it as my own time and spend time with myself and have those six months with Radha and be fat and whatever and not worry about what people write about me and just concentrate on my child. So one strong reason was that.”

She further added that the other reason was that she was scared that if she speaks about her pregnancy people will take that much longer time to come back and give her work. She said that It’s a visual medium and people expect you to look a certain way and so when she came back and spoke about her pregnancy, she was already working. She had already signed like three films. Radha was nine months old. She had already shed her pregnancy weight.

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