If you argue with your partner a lot then your smart phone is to blame

How many times has it happened with you that you’re sitting with your partner, chatting and sharing a meal and you notice that somehow you end up arguing with them? More often than not, the reason for most arguments between couple these days is their smartphones.

Yes, you read that right. The device that once used to connect two lovers is the reason for discord between them. Research has revealed that with the increased use of smartphones, the couples are slowly drifting apart. Overuse of mobile phones is apparently creating a divide between two lovers.



Over-using or ignoring their partner by using their smartphones is rapidly distorting their mental, personal, social and psychological health.

Although many couples argue that advanced technology has made things convenient for them by allowing them to share bills, bank accounts and bank statements. But there are more harmful effects of overusing smartphones than there are benefits.

Most of the people complain that their partner often checks their phones for messages, emails and calls while talking to them and spending time with them. With this, they feel snubbed and ignored by their significant others. This leads to arguments and animosity between the two.


Although the modern cell phone has created many avenues for people to always stay connected with their loved ones. But face to face with them, the same smartphone creates problems.

In this era of modern technology, one needs to weigh in both pros and cons of using smartphones. Experts believe that the need of the hour is to create a fine balance by limiting the use of their phones only for certain hours.

Modern technology was developed and invented to make our lives easier. We shouldn’t let it jeopardize our personal relationships.


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