Illustrator SwarnimaTelang’s ‘Itsahappyworld’ is spreading smiles on the Internet

Inspiration can come around from anywhere. It can be a smile on your partner’s face or a single motivational phrase, either way, it’s what that keeps us going. But sometimes, we forget the simplicity of such small things and look around to find love in materialistic ideas, which takes us nowhere but towards negativity. This slow poison, this was the topic with which the talk started with a 30-year-old techie, mother, and illustratorSwarnima Telang, who had a lot to speak.

“I always loved drawing but never thought of sharing it online. But a couple of years back, when I very actively started using social media, there was a point where I noticed that there was a lot of negativity floating around. People while discussing politics and sharing their opinions, cursed each other and posted hate comments. I wanted to make a difference and to bring back the old good vibes of positive content. I wanted to make a change in people’s perspective of the world around us and with this, the idea of ‘itsahappyworld’popped out.” says SwarnimaTelang.

I wanted the world to be enlightened by the fact that simplicity is the key to a happy and content life. There is a lot to complain but at the same time, there is a lot to appreciate also, then why not look at the brighter side. I wanted them to understand that beauty is all around us and we just need to open our hearts to see it, with this thought I knew I wanted to make a change and I started ‘itsahappyworld’.

The page is to give the audiences just 5-minutes of happiness and delight while they read the posts.

Talking about the inspiration behind Swarnima’s artwork, she mentions that she truly admires Ruskin Bond’s work and his writing helped her seeing beauty in the simplest of things. Her Idea of happiness, Bond’s work, the beauty of simple things and observing people around her, all of this together created the essence of itsahappyworld

Apart from drawing Swarnima loves reading, traveling and dancing and mentions that all these things keep her sane and give her a break from daily routine life. For her travel has been a breaker of daily burden and as per her, every artist out there should try attempting such small trips, good company, talking to strangers, enjoying coffee sips out there on roadside cafes at hills, etc. Such breaks give us a new perspective and freshen up our mindset for brand new ideas.

When talked about the idea of contentment that she usually promotes, she said – I wanted people to realize that no matter how much you have, there will always be someone who will have more than us and thus there is no end of desires. It’s us who can handle this through and assure our happiness without complaints.

Her experiences made her learn a lot and she is happy for whatever she has received in life. She talks about her family and mentions that her family and friends have been really supportive throughout her journey. They have been motivating her to keep drawing and taking art as a full-time career. Her husband has been exceptionally supportive in her choice of taking art as a career and taking it to the next level with website building and merchandising.

Swarnima’s artwork is simple but has a voice of its own which shouts out loud. The followers and audience at itsahappyworld are like a big family for her and the love and support from her followers motivate her. She says it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of her audience, the love they shower in comments and messages is something that keeps her going. People find her work comforting and relatable.

She is thankful for the love she has received from people and would love to keep adding happiness in their lives with her artwork.

You can find her work at: