I’m I demanding too much?? whenever I asked him about this he says I’m crazy…What do you think?

hi I’m married since 5 yrs.me and my husband had a good relationship.he cares for me he don’t Fight with me.he takes me out…but he never opens up anything like his feelings and etc… he never sits and speak to me .most of time he s playing games in the mobile..and I’m sitting near to him wondering what to do… and ended up playing in my phone.in the bed also he does something and leave.never speakes anything.in my work place also if he comes just gives me food and leaves. but I get jealous of colleagues husband whn thy sit and talk and all.once I caught him having paid video calls with some unknown girls… but he promised he will never do such things again .i want my husband to speak to me and share and listen my feelings. I’m I wrong??? r. I’m I demanding too much?? when ever I asked him about this he says I’m crazy…. don’t know what to do kindly give some suggestions.