Impacts of Parents fighting in front of children

Fighting and arguing is a part and parcel of married life – there’s no way around it! From parenting styles to division of work at home, a couple will most likely fight about all things big and small. But these fights can turn nasty with no warning – and having a child witness it is dangerous as it can impact him in negative ways Children often become quiet and freeze seeing their parents fight. They become confused because they don’t know how to react to the situation.

How do children respond when their parents fight?

Relationship Problems

Children who grow up in a hostile environment tend to experience difficulties in forming and sustaining relationships. They tend to face problems in almost every other relationship, whether its friends, romantic associations, at work and with strangers they wish to interact with.


The effects of parents fighting in front of children can be disastrous. On seeing their parents fighting and arguing, children start to believe that this is the way to solve problems. Thus, they try to resolve their issues in the same way with everyone. This can result in dysfunctional and failed relationships.

Failure in Relationships

Children emulate what they see their parents doing. If you and your spouse are constantly fighting, your child will most likely grow up learning the same thing. As a result, your child’s relationship with his partner may suffer in adulthood. It may even lead to your child feeling the need to avoid relationships from the fear of getting hurt.

Substance Use & Abuse

Children who belong to volatile households are at a higher risk of using and abusing substance. They can soon become addicted to substances like alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other forms of drugs.

 Low Self-Esteem

Mixed feelings of shame, guilt, unworthiness, and helplessness caused due to fighting can take a toll on the child’s mental health. As a result, the child’s self-esteem suffers, and he may find it hard to maintain a good self-image in both professional and personal fronts.

So make sure that whatever fight that is going around it should not impact the kids in any manner, neither emotionally nor mentally.

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