Importance Of Using Character Counter Through Word Count Tool

In most social media accounts or applications, character counter matters since it usually impacts the content we make. Some social media require only to have a small number of character count so that it can be displayed in your account as it is.

Character count is important if you are trying to make your post or message more appealing to many people. Longer or too many characters can lead to confusion, or readers would rather not read it. In other words, posts with a lot of characters might only get a little attention than you are expecting.

Features of Word Count Tool’s Character Counter

A great website where you can use a character counter tool for free is Word Count Tool. In their website, you can see something above the textbox, which is the character count with space and character count without space. You can also see a character count for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

These five will serve as a guide on how far you have reached. For the Facebook Character Count, it has a limit of 80. It is not the actual limit of characters for Facebook, but it is the limit where readers can see it without having to click on “See More”.

They already added these features for your information and convenience. It will make your task faster since you do not need to check from time to time on how far you have already reached. 

They also put both characters count with and without space because some essay writing competitions may not count the spaces in the character count. This character counter tool is easy to use since you only have to type or paste anything you want, and the counter tool will automatically count its characters.

Social media like Twitter only require its users to have a 280 character limit for each tweet, and because of that, our whole tweet can be fully displayed in our feed and profile. At the same time, others like Facebook have over 60,000-character limits.

Aside from your Twitter and other social media accounts, your text messages or SMS also has its limits. Even articles are required to have a limit on their article title to catch the reader’s attention. In some essay competitions, they usually require a specific character count for you to qualify. 

This character counter tool is very useful to many people, especially for students, writers, and job seekers. Aside from Character Counter, their website also features other tools such as Word Counter, Scrabble Word Finder, and more.

Importance of Character Counter

A study on this by Jeff Bullas has proved that the lesser characters you have, the more attention it gets, because the more characters it has, the more it bores the audience or readers. Sometimes, they would rather scroll through your post because it’s too long for them to read.

That is why it is essential to limit your character count if you want people to notice your post. Using a character counter with spaces could help you keep on track on your character count, since most social media don’t show how many remaining characters you have left or existing characters.

The only time a longer character won’t be boring is to read a whole article or insight about something on LinkedIn or other websites. If you want to make your audience read or notice your post effectively, you must understand its importance and how it works.

That is why some people say that the purpose of the character count is to calculate its readability percentage or score. People would interact or respond more when you have reached the standard limit for your posts, essays, or other messages.

Character Count vs. Word Count

Some people confuse these two with each other, but they are not the same. Unlike word counters who only count words, character counters are every alphabet, punctuation, numbers, and event spaces.

Additional Information

This character counter tool is only available for English and other languages with different characters, such as Chinese, Arabic, Korean, and more. In any language, the character count will always be useful for us.

Spaces in our messages are part of the character count, so you have to be careful in creating or composing your message. If you find yourself going beyond the limit, you will have to go back through your message or essay and edit a little bit to make it shorter than before.


What people do not acknowledge is that character count matters because they think it doesn’t affect anything. Suppose you want an effective post where the audience or readers would want to notice or appreciate it. If you are a blogger, influencer, or an easy writer, you should learn its impact on your posts or articles.

Without character counter tools, we would have to count them manually which could get tedious. These tool helps in our writing, essays, and even in our post in social media to make it more effective and attract the readers.