Important Skincare Rituals Not To Be Skipped Pre And Post Holi Celebrations; Checkout!

We are finally done with dry winter skin, and now its time to shift to a whole new summer skincare routine. We have entered the cozy month of march, to celebrate “festival of colors”. Since, Holi is about to come, it is very much necessary to protect yourself from all the harmful colors and sunburn. So, here are some important skincare rituals that you should not skip before, during and after the Holi celebrations.

1. Application of coconut oil on body and hair

Not applying coconut oil on your hair and body, before playing Holi will land your hair and skin in trouble. Colors that are used in holi are extremely harmful for both skin and hair health. Application of coconut oil, will work as a protection base for skin and hair. It also help in smooth removal of strong colors and protects against allergies.

2. Application of sunscreen

There are many people, who don’t consider applying sunscreen as something important. But trust the fact, that application of sunscreen before exposing yourself in sun, makes a big difference. Apply plenty of sunscreen on your face and body, before going out in the sun for Holi celebrations. It will provide extreme protection against sunburn and redness, that would take place during celebrations.

3. Go for organic colors

Majority of shopkeepers sell chemical based Holi colors in the name of cheap price. Read product description properly before purchasing any harsh chemical based color. Prefer organic colors, that are less harmful on the skin. As, chemical-based colors may also be cancerous.

4. Moisturizing is the key

Once you are done with Holi celebrations, take instant bath without wasting any time. Add rose water in your bathing tub or bucket, to help your skin recover from chemicals. It will also give your skin a cooling effect and relax sun burns if any. After bath, moisturize your face and body to hydrate and feel smooth.