Imran Khan’s Wife Avantika Malik Is Finding It Hard To Move On After Their Separation, Joins Wellness Centre

Imran Khan and Avantika Malik ended their 8 years of marriage due to irreconcilable differences. For those who don’t know Imran and Avantika’s love story made people believe in happily ever afters. The couple tied the knot after enjoying a few years of courtship on January 10, 2011. Three years post his marriage on June 9, 2014, Imran and Avantika were blessed with a baby girl whom they named Imara Khan. While all had been going well between this couple, a report came by and broke our hearts. Imran and Avantika whom we have always adored have parted ways.

Now as per a recent SpotBoye report Avantika Malik is finding it hard to move on post-separation with Imran. The report could be read as “Neither Imran nor Avantika has said anything about it till now. Imran Khan was spotted in public on two or three occasions but when asked about his marriage, he refused to comment. On the other hand, Avantika has been keeping herself busy with daughter, Imara. Avantika has joined a wellness centre. She is taking sessions for 2 hours, every day, with Self-healing expert and Astrologer, Ramona Cerdecai”.

When Avantika’s mother Vandana was contacted by SpotBoye to comment on the same. She was quoted as saying,” When they further asked her about the possibility of reconciliation, her mother replied, “Only time will determine that.” It is strange to know that within just 15 days her mother has changed as she had earlier stated, “We all (Vandana, Avantika and Imran) read the news and let me tell you that there is no such thing. There are some differences (between the husband and wife), which will be sorted anyway.”

In a throwback interview, Avantika was all praises for her hubby. She was quoted as saying, “He’s fantastic. He’s the best person to live with because he is able to be with you and be supportive, and also gives you tremendous space. He really looks after me, I have to give him that. I am an ordinary girl in love with a boy who happens to be a movie star. I just feel like I fell in love with this boy 10 years ago, he was a 19-20 then, and though he’s grown tremendously in many ways, his core being is still the same. I give Imran a lot of credit because he hasn’t changed in any way. Except that he’s more confident as he knows what he’s achieved.”

In another interview, Imran had revealed how Avantika makes him really angry. He had stated, “It makes me angrier than any other human being. We fight a lot, but that’s how relationships are meant to be. They’re never perfect but you still stay put if they nourish you in some way and if you are getting something valuable from them.” He had further added, “Different people have different ways to make a relationship work. Find out what works for you and your partner.”

We hope Avantika finds her inner peace soon. More power to you girl!