In Conversation with Monicka Vadera A New-age jewellery creator & curator.

Women’s Era spoke to MonickaVaderaPoonawalla, a new-age jewelry creator and curator. While House of MVJ is her retail venture, Monicka’s work entails much more. She has made waves on social media by being one of the most followed fashionistas and an insightful Indian woman entrepreneur. She hails from a famous family that is into brass manufacturing. Together, Monicka and her husband TehseenPoonawalla, make for a fashionable power couple.

Tell us about your journey as a woman entrepreneur?

I am blessed to be brought up in a gender-neutral environment. My family has been very supportive in my choices to pursue a different branch of business and make independent choices and learn and grow in the same. It has been a long journey, and I have learned a lot from those around me and their follies. I started as a design intern in a family accessories business and started learning about manufacturing, sourcing, and design. It is here that I discovered my interest in embellishments, jewelry and wearable still remember my first order. It was from an uncle’s friend who happened to like my very first jewelry piece. It was a unicorn pin and the rest, of course, is history!

Being one of the trendiest people on social media, do trends in fashion also translate to jewelry?

Most certainly. I do believe that trends are to incorporate into one’s personal style and not to follow blindly.

The perception of jewelry/ accessories is changing with people getting more aware of individual tastes and unique investable pieces. Jewelry just like fashion has its trends.

What does your brand House of MVJ stand for? What is its USP?

House of MVJ is a literal translation of my name, MonickaVaderaJewellery. I wanted to keep it so because I personally tend to each client and each design and oversee everything from its conceptuali­sation to the finished product.

My USP is the very fact that I believe in creating jewelry and accessories that reflect the wearer’s own personality.

Not just my luxury precious jewelry but my pret fashion jewelry range is also 100 percent customizable to a clients budget, sensibility and liking.


What are your other interests?

Apart from jewellery design and fashion, I also have a keen interest in exploring global food and culture. I love to explore different cities around the world, visit their heritage sites, research the history behind them, acquire their traditional recipes and document their cultures for inspiration.

What inspires you to keep going?

For me, life in itself is an inspiration. I am not being hedonist et al. I feel so blessed to be able to do and live the way I want. I am lucky having such a wonderful family and a husband.

Even in my professional life I work very hard to create heirloom pieces and bespoke designs, so when people are happy with what I create for them it actually inspires me to try and do better and be more creative.


Jewellery designer, wife, social media celebrity…how do you manage different roles and maintain a work-life balance?

I am an organizer by nature. I plan my days meticulously and stick to a schedule that helps me with productivity as well as balance.

I am also blessed to have a fabulous team that adheres by my planner and makes my life much easier considering I am perpetually always on the go. Since my husband and I have such busy schedules, planning in advance helps ensure we take time out from work for each other.

What tips would you like to give to young women entrepreneurs?

Women today have conquered every possible profession and field. We all strive to maintain a work-life balance but we often neglect ‘me’ time. This alone time helps us with

4r’s ‘Refresh, Reflect, Renoir and Restart’. You must squeeze out an hour every day for yourself whether it is meditation, workout, doing an activity you love or even a hidden hobby. Step away from responsibilities and focus on your self in that hour. Look within. Contemplate.

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