In The Height Movie Review: A Musical Full Of Dreams And Ambition

A story set in one of the New York City neighborhoods which can disappear from the map any day, ‘IN The Heights’ is a celebration of Latin community living in America. The film is all set to break stereotypes associated with Broadway musicals by transporting ‘Salsa’, ‘Hip-Hop’ , ‘Merengue’, and many other elements from non-white culture. It’s a big step towards a diverse and multicultural theatre and musicals.

The film is adapted Lil-Manuel Mirada’s Tony-winning musical ‘In The Heights’. The film is filled with all the summer vibes with street dancing, bright clothes, and ripped jeans. It’s the perfect post-pandemic film for Americans if they wish to see it in the theatres. The scenes and the sequences in the movie take you back to the time when how easy it was to throw a pool party with more than 100 people or how casually friends use to hang out with each other. In a Nutshell, it makes you miss the ‘streets’ bad.

But more than anything the film narrates the diaspora of the Lattin community and their belongness to the American land. The film also throws some shade on the immigration scenario going on for a very long time in the country.

The film was all set to release by the Weinstein production but in the wake of the mee too movement and all the sexual abuse allegations made against Harvey Weinstein, Warner Bros. stepped up to pick up the rights. Filming began back in 2019 and it was all set to release on June 26 , 2020. But due to the Pandemic, the release was pushed back, and then finally ‘In The Heights’ has hit the screen in 2021.

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