India’s daughter Sanjal Gavande’s Name Will Always Be Remembered Among Those Who Made Jeff Bezos’s Space Trip A Reality

Jeff Bezos’s Spacecraft ‘New Shepherd’ Returns To Earth 

After travelling in space for about 10 minutes, the New Shepherd returned to Earth. Jeff then exited the capsule along with his brother Mark Bezos, pilot Wally Funk and Oliver Damon. When Jeff Bezos came out of the capsule, he was flaunting a cowboy hat. At this moment all the crew members had been congratulated by their families.

Jeff Benzos

India’s daughter Sanjal Gavande’s Name Will Always Be Remembered Among Those Who Made Jeff Bezos’s Space Trip A Reality.

Jeff, the founder of the E-Commerce Website Amazon, has returned to Earth after circling space. This is important to know that with this journey, Bezos opened new avenues of space tourism. Though before Bezos, Richard Branson, the owner of the Virgin Galactic, had returned to Earth after circling the space on July 11 recently, this is the first time that a human being has travelled to space on the Blue Origin’s rocket ‘New Shepherd’. As, it is an automatic rocket, so it does not require a pilot to operate.

The spaceship New Shepherd

the spaceship new shepherd

The spaceship New Shepherd

The inspiration for its name comes from the 1961 astronaut Alan Shepherd. Alan was the first American who reached space. The spacecraft has a control room built on earth. The vehicle can adjust six passengers, but only four are travelling on this flight. The spacecraft was launched from West Texas.

India’s daughter Sanjal Gavande

When the billionaire Jeff Bezos goes on a spacewalk, the name of India’s daughter Sanjal Gavande has also been inscribed forever among those who made this dream a reality.

Sanjal was raised in Kalyan, Maharashtra, who played an important role in the team that worked in the development of the sub-orbital spacecraft ‘New Shepard’ for Bezos’s Blue Origin. Sanjal is a systems engineer at Blue Origin, and said about New Shepherd’s much-awaited flight,

“I am extremely happy. Today my childhood dream is being fulfilled. I am proud to be part of the Blue Origin team.”

Sanjal visited Michigan Technology University in 2011

Sanjal Gavande’s early schooling took place in Kalyan, Maharastra. Then she completed her graduation from Mumbai University, later she went to Michigan Technology University USA, in 2011. she started working in the company Mercury Marine., along with that Sanjal worked very hard and got a commercial pilot’s license, consequently she flew many flights. Given her skills and experience, Sanjal was selected by Blue Origin for the New Shepard mission as a system engineer.

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