India’s Top Revolutionary Educationist: Talks About His Journey From Working In Premier Law Firm To Become The Most Sought After Educationist In Country Imparting Legal Education

Subsequent to working for right around 8 years with the top law firms of the country, he chose to outline another course furthermore, presently runs an exceptionally acclaimed coaching institute under the name ‘NishantPrakash Law Classes’ which trains students for the placement test of top law schools,  of the nation. With nearly the whole batch traversing the placement tests of top law schools, this establishment has gotten amazingly famous in Delhi with individuals rushing to it from all sides of the nation. He has as of late been too selected by NitiAayog to exhort them on “Transforming Legal Education in India”.

India's Top Revolutionary Educationist
India’s Top Revolutionary Educationist

An exclusive interview of one of the top educationist cum entrepreneur

You have recently been appointed by NitiAayog to advise them on “Reforming Legal Education in India”. What are your views on the current legal education system of India?

NP: I somehow believe there is lot of scope of improvement in the manner law schools in India have been functioning. The National Law Schools in India have been able to improve the level of education but still lots more needs to be done. We are trying to identify the grey areas and will incorporate in our report to NitiAayog. 

Nishant Prakash article in newspaper.

After working so many years as a corporate lawyer with different top law firms of the country, what made you turn an entrepreneur?

NP: I would refrain from calling myself an entrepreneur as I am not doing what I am doing, just for the sake of better revenue. Corporate Lawyers, these days are one of the highest-paid professionals and had generated revenue been the motive, my previous law firms were taking good care of me. Teaching for me has always been a passion. I have been teaching since I graduated from law school in 2011. It is just that I am completely into it for the last few years.

 What is the thought process behind NishantPrakash Law Classes?

NP: NishantPrakash Law Classes is not just a regular coaching institute. People call it a modern day gurukul in Delhi. Everyone associated with the institute, may it be students, staff, or me is like a family. Our students eat, sleep, and drink Clat. There is an intensely competitive atmosphere among the students at the centre and I firmly believe that it’s a pre-requisite for clearing any competitive examination in a populous country like ours. However, I just make sure that it’s a healthy one so that everyone is benefitted.   

Nishant Prakash Law classes
Coaching Institute
‘NishantPrakash Law Classes’

When you say that NishantPrakash Law Classes is not just a regular coaching institute, what makes you say that?

NP: You go to any city, you will find plethora of coaching institutes available for any examination you can think of. Considering there are no specific guidelines or qualification set for running a coaching institute, it is flooded with people and hence the competition among them is very fierce to have as many students as possible. We are based in New Delhi and this being the capital city; the competition in Law Entrance Preparation industry is immense. For us, students are not just cheque bearers who bring in money to the institution. Every student is a project for us, and that gets completed only when they qualify the law entrance examination of their choice. To ensure the required attention they need, we have a policy of limited intake unlike regular coaching institutes. This policy has worked well for all of us and we have been able to place almost everyone enrolled with us in top law schools of their choice.

Nishant Prakash along with his law students

Nishant hails from Muzaffarpur in Bihar and has completed his B.A.L.L.B (Hons.) course from Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur. He worked under the guidance of legal luminaries like Mr. Ram Jethmalani& Mr. KK Venugopal during his early days. Thereafter; he was associated with top law firms like Luthra&Luthra Law Offices in New Delhi. While working with reputed law firms, he specialized in matters relating to Intellectual Property Rights, Insurance, and Trade Law and has been associated with various domestic and cross-border transactions.

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